How to balance your work life and personal life

For many people they love the idea of work and they become a workaholic (which isn’t a bad

For many people they love the idea of work and they become a workaholic (which isn’t a bad thing by the way). But what if you became that addicted, your personal life was just erased or your life mainly focuses on work. We get that you want to do better for yourself and you want to help your business, but we all need a time out especially at the weekends. It’s what weekends are for! Our blog will give you a few tips on how to balance your work life and personal life.

Schedule some chill time

When the clock hits 5pm, you switch off your PC, journey home, turn on your home PC and continue to work. Hang on, let’s rewind here. It’s 5pm, you finish the last little bits on what you’re working on, you switch off your PC, you journey home and you sit on the sofa and have yourself some you time. For those who have a family, you spend it catching up with them and chilling out watching TV together.


What we’re saying here is to make sure that you have chance to wind down after a day of hard work. If you don’t allow yourself time to wind down then you will struggle to sleep at night because your mind is still working and it’s not relaxing. If you need to finish some bits off at home set yourself a time to finish work (7pm at the absolute latest).


Sometimes you leave work feeling stressed about a particular job or task and it really keeps your mind switched on and you just can’t turn off. Exercise is the key, whether you go out for a walk or visit your local gym it can leave you feeling completely refreshed and relax your mind, allowing you to sleep at night.

In case you didn’t know, when you exercise your body releases endorphin’s which make you happy (hence why you feel good after a workout). If you’re stressed exercising will let you take out all the anger or stress you have so you have a better mindset the following day.


Learn to say “No”

I know a lot of us just can’t say no, but what if you already have too much work on your plate? That screams “stress” already. There’s only so much you can handle and if it’s too much just politely explain why you cannot take on the job.

If it’s an activity outside of work and you feel you do not have enough time to do this constantly, just simply explain why not. Everyone needs their ‘me time’ especially when you’re working extremely hard!


Book a holiday

Everyone deserves a holiday, even you! So why not book a holiday and get away for a week or two? It gives you a chance to unwind and let all your stress and worries just leave you. If you’re in work every week without taking at least a weeks break, the strain can start to build up and your concentration levels will just drop completely.

It also allows you to go and spend some quality time with your friends and family instead of just having the weekend with them (if you’re not working still that is!)


Rearrange your errands

If you tend do do your errands outside of work, sometimes it may be better to do them in between your lunch break sometimes. When you needyour weekly shop, go and do it one lunch during the week so at least you can go home and chill out instead of having to go and do the shopping then come home and unpack.

Try and rearrange them so that it takes up the least amount of time, you can focus on yourself and your personal life a little bit more. It may be hard at first to get in to the routine of it, but once you regularly do it then you will get in to the habit of doing it.