Relax in 2017 – Bathroom Gadgets!

What’s going to be your New Year’s resolution? Maybe it should to be spend more time relaxing! How

What’s going to be your New Year’s resolution? Maybe it should to be spend more time relaxing! How about in the bathroom? There is nothing like a long soak in the bath or an invigorating shower after a hard day at work.

So what gadgets are available for the bathroom? We have soured the internet and found the best gadgets from around the world


Smart Rain Shower Head

This smart shower head, from WaterHawk, is quite simply amazing.

It comes complete with an LED display which allows you to select and show the exact temperature, along with colour changing facilities.

And for the environmental concious amoung us (who isn’t now days), it will display your water usage per shower AND is powered by a hydroelectric generator, so the water poruing through the shower power it!

 Image result for WaterHawk Smart Rain Shower Head images


Bath Air-Pillow Gadget Holder

Direct from Japan’s Trend Shop, this inflatable bath pillow is for the gadget addicts.

You know what it’s like, everything is on your smartphone and you want to relax in the bath yet still use it.

This crazy item allows you to place your smart phone into a waterproof case attached to the bath pillow.

No more water damage for your smart phone!

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Dyson AirBlade Tap


The latest product from the innovators, Dyson, is the AirBlade Tap!

This tap is not just a tap, it also has a hand drier built in.

No more spills on the floor and it is more economical to run than a normal hand drier.

Dyson Airbalde


Waterproof TV’s


Waterproof TV’s are becoming more and more commonplace in high-end and boutique hotels.

However, as the prices drop, more and more homes will start to take advantage of this tech.

Getting a smart TV version will allow you to relax in the tub, watching your favourite Netflix box sets!

Waterproof TV


Cleaning Up!

You’ve been in the tub for hours!

Who is going to clean up?

Well, the Braava Floor Mopper from iRobot will.

Using expert technology, every inch of your bathroom floor will be clean!