BBQ Smart gadgets you need this summer!

It’s officially summer, so dust off the BBQ, create a ‘save the date’ and get your fridge fully

It’s officially summer, so dust off the BBQ, create a ‘save the date’ and get your fridge fully stocked! Yes that’s right summer time means BBQ time, and what better way to host a great BBQ than having your garden packed with the latest tech. We will be listing the top tech gadgets that are essential for you to purchase to give your little barbecue party a modern edge!

So where do we start? Ah yes…music!

UE Wonderboom

A great BBQ party involves eating great food and dancing to your favorite tunes like no tomorrow. The EU wonder boom are little speakers that can fill your house or garden will pure sound and can work within 100 feet within a Bluetooth source.

They come in a range of colours and have great reviews on them! They can be purchased for £89.99 on Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and other stores. Get looking and get buying.


Snapchat spectacles

Capturing the moment and making memories is what it’s all about. What a better way to capture the atmosphere than with the new Snapchat specs. It’s their first ever summer on the market and they’re definitely worth purchasing if you’re all about capturing the moment.

Have a read of our Snapchat blog to find out more on the amazing gadget.



We all know someone who thinks they have a degree in Barbecuing, but really they just cremate all the food there is! This SmartGrill designed by Lynx allows it to be connected to an app that can guide the chef how to cook the food. It will send you a notification when the food is ready so you know that you’re not going to give your guests food poisoning, and you won’t put them off your cooking skills.

A word of warning however, it may not be a product for those who know how to cook or ‘think’ they do as it gives you steps to make sure that all your food is cooked to the best standard possible.


Perfect drink 2.0 smart scale

It’s not a garden party without a BBQ and cocktails! This Bluetooth gadget will provide you with over 400 recipes, and will assist you in measuring the correct amount of ingredients to pour so that your cocktails are bartender quality!

Short on ingredients? That’s not a problem! The smart scale can give you come great beverage recipes for the ingredients you already have in.

It’s available on Amazon for £15.99  which is an absolute bargain! – get yours whilst you can now and impress your guests.


Portable fan

It’s summer so that means the temperatures will increase to their twenties. Instead of diving for the shade, just get a portable fan that connects to your phone’s charger port and there you go! It’s one of the most popular products on Amazon currently and is it any wonder why?!

They come in a pack of five (each a different colour) so you won’t need to take turns in sharing the fan, you can have one for yourself and four other friends! They are priced at £17.29 which is a great price for a great gadget!