15 reasons for Bespoke Software Development

Our fifteenth anniversary in business and its time for our first 15 series blog. To start off here

Bespoke Software Development provides many benefits to you as an individual and as a business. Here are our fifteen reasons for Bespoke Software Development:

1. Competitive Edge

A bespoke system is unique to your company, so no-one else will have the same system. This can give you a real competitive edge.


2. Lower ongoing costs

The initial outlay of a bespoke system is generally more expensive than off-the-shelf systems.
However, off the shelf systems generally have more expensive ongoing costs and you also may pay for features you don’t use.


3. Automate routine tasks

Every business will have a series of routine tasks in their day-to-day business processes. Bespoke software is perfect for this kind of automation, saving numerous hours every day and reducing monotony.


4. Boost productivity

Because of point 3, bespoke systems can boost productivity as it frees up staff hours.


5. Improve your quality of information

A bespoke system can reduce errors through better validation and also ensure data and reporting is accurate.


6. Increase staff morale

Because of points 3 to 5, staff will be happier through reducing monotony, saving them time and helping them day-to-day.


7. Maximize existing investments in technology

Connect your existing systems, accounts, workflow and eCommerce web site to your new bespoke system.


8. Gradual Development

Bespoke systems can be developed gradually, module by module. This allows you to budget development costs.


9. Grow your system with business

Additional services could be added to your bespoke system reducing the need to migrate wholesale to a different package.


10. Custom features

Because your system is bespoke, you can change or add features whenever you like, especially if your business changes.


11. Direct support

Support for a bespoke system is generally better because in most cases you deal directly with the developers.


12. Secure and control your data

Rather than having disparate systems or methods of holding data (e.g. ad hoc databases, spreadsheets), data can be held securely in one place, easily backed up.


13. You can own the software

You have the potential to own the software which means you are not tied to one vendor or you could white label your product.


14. Customer retention

Help to retain customers by adding additional features which could provide them with useful and relevant online services.


15. Understanding your business

The software design and development process will help you better understand your business processes, how they function and how they could be streamlined or improved.


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