How off-the-shelf software differs to bespoke software

Bespoke software and on the shelf software are two completely different things. They're both useful for businesses and

All businesses will require some form of software to assist with their internal business functions. Moreover so, they have a budget to help them find a product that is right for them with functionality and price range. Without a budget that is set for the company, you cannot look for software or have a customized piece of software as it could become more expensive than what you expected. 

What some organizations do not realize is that the world is becoming more technologically developed which means it provides more people to get involved with and explore. Software is a minefield as it’s not something just anyone can do; you’ll need the experience whether it be by college/university or even by self-learning. The whole point is that you need to be specially trained and skilled to become a software developer and sometimes businesses are unaware of what capabilities software developers have. 

This takes us to the main focus of the blog which is the differentiation between on the shelf software and bespoke software. Of course they can both operate in businesses, but the main point is that they are different in terms of what they are capable of and how it can put you further ahead of your competition.  

Off the shelf software

This sounds quite technical, but in reality it isn’t because it is literally what it means. Off the shelf software is where a business buys a piece of software that is sold to everyone. For example, Sage is a primary example as you purchase the software directly from them. It isn’t customized it just comes as one package for your company to do the accounts for your products/services. 

Sometimes with software there is the option to purchase plugins and extra features, but this is still an on the shelf product as the software is already made. A piece of software bought from a business can have the functionalities you need but there could be something more that could make things much simpler for you and your staff.

This isn’t to say that your competitors have an advantage because every business will have on the shelf software for something internally, it just isn’t as proactive as bespoke software

Bespoke Software

Bespoke Software is when a system is customized to suit how your business runs. The best part is that not everyone can say they have this piece of software because it is especially designed and tailored to your business. It can often be difficult to think of ways in which you can make your office life much easier when you do not have the technical knowledge to come up with these solutions. That is why it’s always best to have a software developer on hand to assess your business processes and make recommendations to you. 

This can often happen because businesses may get a software developer in to review how things are done and next thing, they’re learning about a new system that could be coded to help them going forward as a business. 

The benefits of bespoke software is that it can reduce time and administration with putting data in one system and out the other. If there is a solution that can resolve these pain points then you’ve struck gold at the right time. It can be often used in small, medium and large businesses, especially those who have a website that takes large volumes of orders. It saves the in between manual process that could take hours or days to complete. With the right software communicating with third party software, the weight can lifted off your shoulders.

On the shelf + Bespoke Software

Purchasing an off the shelf software and having bespoke software is perfectly fine too. You don’t need to have one or the other because third party software can easily be integrated with one another by this small piece of bespoke software. Depending on your business and the budget you have set for the year or the next few years, you could plan out to purchase the off the shelf software and then later look in to bespoke software for your business. There are numerous possibilities for linking third party software to one another.

These possibilities include:

Above all, it’s not just linking and integrating third party software, there is also a complete system that is made and branded for your business. This is a larger project as it is built completely from scratch as opposed to a piece of software to integrate and allow two pieces of software to communicate with each other. 

To summarize

To finalize this post we want to start of saying that bespoke software isn’t necessarily essential in a business, but if you want to save time, money and administration fees then a bespoke piece of software is an avenue that you could go down. 

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