The biggest technology flops in history!

Have you ever heard about a product but never actually knew how successful it was? This blog gives

Have you ever heard about a product but never actually knew how successful it was? This blog gives you the top technology flops in history!

Not every product is a hit with the public. Even the bigger companies have create a product of disaster.

Sinclair C5 – Electric tricycle (1985)

Sinclair C5

The electric tricycle came at a price of £399 which people weren’t prepared to pay due to its poor performance; it struggled with hills and had a short range. The total sold was less than 36% which you can already tell that it wasn’t a success. However, the C5 is making a 21 Century comeback with Sir Clive Sinclair’s son designing the E-trike which will be priced at £3,500. Let’s see if this one is as much of a flop as the C5.

Sega’s dreamcast console (1999)


The biggest competitors that this console had were the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Due to poor marketing of the product, it failed to make their target audience and also target sales. Even after discounting the product, they had no choice but to cancel the sale of the console. KNOW HOW TO TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE PEOPLE!

Nintendo Wii U (2002)


People heard about the Wii U, but not many people who bought it considered it to be a success. Despite the mixed messages it was giving, it only sold 13.6 million consoles where as the Nintendo Wii sold 101.6 million (so not even half the sales were made). Nintendo ended the production and selling of the product this year (2017) when it launched the new Nintendo Switch.

Google Glass (2015) – £1,000


I know what you’re thinking, Google is a top company so surely people will want to but their products right? Well I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong. Google Glass was a complete and utter failure. The target market considered it ‘creepy’ and ‘expensive’. It was a gadget that emitted radiation and because it was so close to the head, it became a health and safety risk. It was also an invasion of privacy which is the main factor that put people right off it.

Em@iler  (2000)


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Lord Sugar, the successful businessman from the Apprentice? Well, not all of his products have been a success. In 2000 he release the Emailer which was a combination of a telephone and emailing system – sounds like a good product if you ask me. Users of the product had to pay premium rate to access the internet and email, so became expensive to use. People wanted to use a computer so they became less interested in the product.

The internet fridge (Never been released)


Internet fridges are shown at the Consumer Electronics Show every year. It’s a great and interesting product, but will it ever get released? They’re showing us this great product but it’s not available to buy? Hang on, why create a product and not even sell it?  The first designs go back to the 1990’s so it’s considered as an ‘ongoing joke’.