The Top guide to boosting work productivity

Staying motivated can be difficult in an environment where you're sat at a computer screen for 8 hours

The day is long and your motivation for work is decreasing rapidly and productivity is lacking. What do you do? Well, our top guide to boosting work productivity will certainly help you get back in the zone and get that motivation back. 

Plan your daily activities

When you have a million and one things on your plate, the worse thing is deciding where to start. The easiest tip for us to give you would be to plan out your daily/weekly activities and organise them in priority order and how long it is going to take you. This way you will have a better outlook of your tasks and how much time you have in your day to set aside for specific and important work. 


Be on time

Not only is it company’s policy for you to start on time but it looks bad if you’re continuously late (unless you have a legitimate reason). Being late to work means you fall behind and you don’t get the essential daily planning in the morning that you need. Make sure that you get yourself in to work as soon as you can, even if it’s 15 minutes earlier so you can ensure you fully plan your day and get as much work done as you can.


Organise your work space

Keeping your desk tidy is essential if you like to be organised. A cluttered desk means that any paperwork you need to find to complete tasks is harder to find and you are simply wasting time; seconds, minutes or hours, lost time can affect the amount of work you complete. Keeping you desk clean and tidy is also a nice satisfaction as it shows you are organised and you can stress less about the mess!


Wear headphones

If you often get distracted by noise of people talking or the radio, put your headphones on and listen to your own stuff. It can help you stay focused rather than chatting to everyone else in the office. A nice chin wag is good but when you have tight deadlines you must stay on task.


Treat yourself

It’s a good thing to treat yourself once in a while, so whatever you consider a treat to get you motivated whether it’s a piece of chocolate, fish and chips for dinner you decide! Definitely some chocolate for me I think.


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