Ways to bring in the business

There has always been numerous ways to bring in the business, but as time has gone on the

There has always been numerous ways to bring in the business, but as time has gone on the strategies have changed to help bring in business…thanks to technology. In case some of you weren’t aware, we though we would subject today’s blog in helping you get yourself out there. Obviously there are many ways, but we will cover quite a few of them in detail.

Online presence

In previous blogs and articles, we cannot stress enough how important being online is today. To gain interest in your business online, you will need a fully functioning website (easily stating what you do) and you also need social media presence to create brand awareness and build up a following. Once you start on social media, it’s all about the brand awareness, and then eventually you will start to sell your services but do not hard sell. You want to inform people of what you do and indicate what benefits your product or service provides.


For example, we are an IT support company and we are here to provide IT support so that a business’ IT systems stay up and running. As we are IT experts, we can help solve almost any issue that one person may have. We don’t put prices straight on social media as we indicate how some of our services can help.

Start an e-newsletter

For those businesses that have been going before technology drastically changed, creating a paper form newsletter and posting through people’s doors won’t really do the trick anymore. Online email marketing is most definitely the way forward. By sending a weekly, fortnightly or monthly email to customers, clients and prospects it keeps them in the loop with what is going on which makes them feel included and the communication is up to scratch. Little communication can make them feel lost and likely to go elsewhere because they don’t know where they are up to.


If you haven’t got your email marketing set up then we have an article on the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper to help you get set up and running!


Occasionally there are some networking groups either online or there may be a networking meet up in your local area. It’s a great way not to just make friends with other businesses, but you can get to know and understand what others do. The conversation is not entirely business focused, it can just be a little evening escape to tell other people what’s going on in the business etc. You can make some useful connections and sometimes, it can even get you business. Even though you may be active on social media, local businesses sometimes aren’t even aware of your services which is why networking is the way forward.


It also looks great on your business because others can turn round and say “They always get involved in networking activities” this will indicate that you love to communicate and can surprisingly make people more inclined to take an interest in your business. Like we said earlier, communication is everything.

Get local news coverage

Local news coverage is a great way to show what you are capable of. If a business is growing constantly, it’s useful get in touch with the local paper to see if they’re interested in publishing the story. We have been in the Manchester Evening News as we have expanded to 10 employees. It’s great to show that business is successful because you need more staff. It also looks great if you get yourself in to the paper because it shows that you are keen to get yourself out there and your business ethics are amazing!

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Get people talking about you

Obviously you want good word of mouth only because that’s the only way you’ll get your business with people talking about you. Who would you rather go with? Someone that says “That company is amazing they’re so helpful” or “That company is OK, don’t really get a lot of help from them”. Positive reviews will make others more confident in your business as they have made other people happy.

It’s like when you go to look for a holiday or a place to go, you will always look at the reviews because you want the best outcome and experience. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer and trust us, it will always go a long way.

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There are thousands of ways to bring in the business, but these are some of the key modern day tactics that could help you bring in more customers.