Broadband – Why the World would End Without it

Broadband is a fast paced and heavily reliant service both for business and individuals. But what if we

All we talk about today is technology. Imagine how we would all feel if we were living 100 years ago? No mobile phones, no computers, no internet, no technology at all! The question we are asking here is that could we really live without technology and broadband? The answer is no, especially within a business where office work requires a computer and internet connection. 

Maybe at home we could, but do we really want to think about that? If it’s there we may as well have and use it. Today’s blog will highlight what you cannot do without broadband and what you may not know about the speed of your broadband. 



Without even thinking of the internet, how do you communicate with your colleagues (apart from verbally)? Emails of course, they’re the main form of communication in businesses whether it’s small, medium or large. Without a broadband connection, this eliminates emails as a form of communication which can cause issues in business. 

Emails are handy for emailing clients, important documents and other

subjects; without connection to emails, more paperwork would be required and other forms of communication would need to take place. Emailing is possibly the most quickest way in communicating with colleagues or clients. 

No asking Google


This is one of the killer areas for us all. Whether you’ve Googled something to conduct research for products or even if you’ve Googled your symptoms because you’re not feeling very well; there will be none of that! Broadband is what helps you get online in the first place, so removing this will disconnect you from the online world. 

No phone calling


With a broadband line, it means no access to phones. This is what powers and send the calls through one phone to another, which is why it is so important for you to have. When you have no broadband connection you cannot keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. With mobile phones however, it is different because of 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G. 

So, why exactly would the would end?


When we say about the world ending we don’t mean it literally! The world is so involved in technology and in all honesty we probably can’t function properly without it. If all technology just disappeared, some people would just not have a clue what to do in their jobs without the required technology, mobile and gadget addicts would feel like they’ve lost a limb and day-to-day life would be made much more difficult. 

Of course in time people would learn to adapt to the loss of technology, but whilst being heavily dependent on it, you just don’t have a clue what you would do without it. For example, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now if technology didn’t exist. If you aren’t based in Oldham and you’re maybe 10 miles down the road you probably wouldn’t know we even exist. 

It may appear to many people that social media and technology is brainwashing us, but that’s because it’s so widely available, everywhere is offering free Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi so when you leave the house, those who do not have data can still access the internet. Maybe we need it just not as much as what we currently are doing. For business and often pleasure it is a need but mainly for pleasure it is just a want. People want to be able to speak to their friends whilst on the go, they want to be able to scroll through social media. 

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