Why you should conduct an annual IT business review

A business review audit is essential as you want to make you have the most up to date

As a business you want to make sure that you’ve got the right equipment and processes to help generate revenue and streamline each department. Without conducting an audit for your business, it can be difficult to see how your employees are performing with the equipment provided and the structure that is already in place. 

This is why it’s essential to conduct an audit once a year either on a particular department or as a business. Our blog today will cover the importance of conducting an IT review in your business, how it can be improved and what you should look for. 

The importance of an audit


IT is a huge field to look at and you need to analyse the size of your business and the requirements you need to support it. Without the correct equipment to support your business, this could slow down the internal processes and can cause a backlog making customers unhappy. It also slows down an employees work which will build up their work load too. If you fall behind it

can take a while to catch up which no business wants and needs.

 A complete audit of the software and hardware that your business utilizes can determine how you move forward. Sometimes after an evaluation of how a department process works, it can change because it either doesn’t work, needs improvement or can be simplified.

What can an audit show?

There are many things that you can discover during an audit. When you’re so used to dealing with the same scenario, process or equipment it can become normal to deal with errors or issues.

If you haven’t ever completed an audit of your business maybe now is the time to do so especially when you see the benefits. 

Outdated equipment


A good example at this time would be the end of life for Windows 7 and Server 2008. Without auditing your equipment it can become outdated and eventually stop running updates and support which could cause problems. Making sure you have the best equipment suited your business is a major factor to think about in the long term.

In this case, any bugs or errors that appear on the above will not be supported as they are becoming outdated. Businesses want to go out with the old and in with the new which is something for you to consider. 

Simple solutions


There could be a simpler solution to how you do things. Whether it be a specific order or process there could be a different way of handling it. For example, you may come across too many errors or it may take longer than

what you first thought. There are many opportunities for you to explore because with software, a simple piece of code designed by a developer could help eliminate a manual process or link two pieces of software together. 



When it comes to the costing of hardware and software, you want to pay a price that will give you the best quality of service and that aligns with your budget. With high performing providers and software for a reasonable price could make you consider switching. A good example would be if you had pieces of equipment that aren’t performing to your standards that you 

require, consulting with your IT provider or internal IT team can help get the best recommendations possible depending on your budget. The quicker you find the perfect solution the better it is for you to run a business more successfully. 

Conducting an IT Audit

With the IT side there are numerous things you need to look at such as the age of your server, your PCs, your software or anything other kinds of technical equipment in the business. 

This is where we come in. Based on your findings, we can make recommendations and work with a business to work out what they need and help to implement the changes made to the organization. Consultancy gives the professional and added support to a company that doesn’t have an internal IT team or doesn’t have the specialized knowledge in the technical areas. 

If you would like us to work with you on an audit of your IT system then please fill out your details below.


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