Top ways to kick start your day at work

Some of us can lack motivation sometimes because we’ve either had a bad day before or we just

Some of us can lack motivation sometimes because we’ve either had a bad day before or we just love our beds too much. There are ways to help you kick start your morning at work and it will definitely get you going for the afternoon! We will give you today some of the proactive things to do when you step through that office door.

Arrive on time

This is the most important element in a business, as it will look bad if you are constantly late. Plus it doesn’t get you off to a great start as you’re rushing and don’t have time to settle in to the day. Ideally be on time but it is a good idea to get there at least ten minutes early so you can make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and get set up at your desk. Being early is far better than being late!


Start a clean slate

Right yeah we get it, you had a bad day yesterday. So what? It’s a brand new day so you should start a fresh as it really does help. Yesterday was yesterday so it’s in the past. You may or may not know this but if you dwell on the bad days, it makes you less motivated to do your work and it can just leave you falling more and more behind. It’s like a vicious circle, so what you need to do is leave the bad day in the past and start a fresh one the next day. Optimism is key!


Organize and plan your day

By establishing your workload and planning out your day, it makes it much easier and less stressful because you know what you’re doing and know what tasks you need to do. You don’t really need to specify how long you need to spend on a specific task only you can judge that depending on the task itself and the workload you may have.

Those who do not plan their day and do not establish their tasks tend to fall more behind. They lose where they are up to and it just creates more of an issue for themselves. Everyone loves a good organizer.


Take a breather

If you work on a computer, sometimes you need to give yourself a break and your eyes a break. Take a five minute breather whether you get some fresh air or go and make a drink. Those five minutes can give you and your eyes a chance to recuperate so you  can continue with your work with enthusiasm and motivation.

Another reason you should take a breather is that you may be completing a difficult task and you mind is constantly working. This can get you stressed out and then you find it hard to concentrate. Taking a breather can let you calm down refocus yourself so you can carry on after you have calmed down. It can be stressful sometimes, but it’s definitely an achievement and a big sigh of relief when you’ve done it.


Don’t get distracted

When you’ve got a lot of work to do, the least you want to do is get distracted by something else because it can completely throw you off task. If you keep getting emails, only respond to the urgent emails and leave the non urgent ones till later when you have time to respond.

Getting distracted not only loses your focus, it can make the task drag on and leave you trailing behind. The quicker you get the job done (obviously to the best standard possible) the better you will feel.

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