3D printing is still making headlines in the news; people printing limbs or guns, etc. but what about 3D printing at home? It is feasible and more importantly, is it affordable? In this blog we explore 3D printing for the home and what you need to get started. 3D Printing: How does it work? The […]

Last week we discussed methods of remembering your passwords. Today we will be looking into a few different password manager apps for storing your passwords. If you didn’t read last week’s blog you can find it here, but just to recap, password manager apps are apps either on a mobile device or computer that stores […]

Password security is more important now than it has ever been. We store more personal data online and also use online banking on the Internet. The only thing protecting your sensitive data from cyber criminals are your passwords. There are several ways to record passwords but which ways are secure? Writing Down Passwords Like many […]

Introduction Napster is an online music subscription service, similar to Spotify (blogged here). It allows you to stream music and is availble in 2 packages, Napster Unlimited and Napster Unlimited plus mobile. They are priced at £5 and £10 per month respectively. As I listen to music on my mobile device when I don’t have an Internet […]

I wrote a post recently about nice things to give / receive at Christmas. I wrote about tablets computers and other high end tech gadgets. When looking for ideas of gifts, I also found some really expensive, niche products that really caught my attention. These are the thing I’d be buying should my numbers come […]