Last week we discussed methods of remembering your passwords. Today we will be looking into a few different password manager apps for storing your passwords. If you didn’t read last week’s blog you can find it here, but just to recap, password manager apps are apps either on a mobile device or computer that stores […]

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP. There will be no further updates including security patches that protect your device from viruses and spyware. Although it seems that Microsoft are just trying to make money by making you upgrade, which is one reason, the main reason is that Windows XP […]

Windows 8 is a complete change in Microsoft’s direction in the technology world and it is apparent they are concentrating their efforts on the tablet market. Windows 8 has been designed as a unified operating system for mobile devices as well as desktop PCs and Laptops. With this in mind, we investigate how this shift […]

Cloud Overview

The ‘Cloud’ is one of the latest buzz words in IT at the moment, all major service providers seem to establishing a cloud to provide their customers with a new way to use the internet.   with the arrival of Apple’s ‘iCloud’ the term will only get used more and more. “The term ‘The Cloud’ seems […]

Is your data on the move?  Do you take your laptop, tablet or storage device away from the office or school? If you answered yes then you need to ensure your equipment and data is secure. Being Careful: Sounds obvious, but most laptop and equipment thefts are from opportunists. Don’t leave your equipment unattended or visible […]