The latest technology announcements from the CES 2019 event

CES 2019 is almost over, but the technology that's been released has been remarkable. We highlight some of

The CES event is an international event held in Las Vegas that invites techies from all over the globe to view and test new gadgets on the market. It’s a huge event known by many and without fail there are some wonderful, predicted and unusual pieces of technology announced that could potentially be a major hit to consumers. The event commenced on the 8th January and typically runs for around three to four days (yes, that’s a lot of technology).

Above all, it makes the whole thing extremely exciting for when the products are available for purchase. We’ll give you a little insight to some of the gadgets that have been announced and let you see what may make you keen to purchase. 



Firstly, we’ll start off with the TV that was predicted last year to make an appearing in 2019; the LG flexible TV. The new and improved TV will unroll by the click of a button. It is stored within a case that acts as a storage and stand facility plus a sound system all in one. 

The 65 inch TV has been one of the predicted pieces of technology to come forward in 2019 and LG have delivered! In addition, the TV

has the capability to extend to its full dimensions or display a small part of the TV screen in Line View. 

It is expected that the latest TV from LG will be available to purchase later on in 2019; the pricing has not yet been confirmed but we expect that it will be a little on the expensive side!



This gadget may be strange but for those people who have piles of washing to fold, it is a godsend (if you’re willing to pay for it that is). For instance, you come back from your holidays with all your family and you dread that massive pile of washing you need to do; the nightmare of folding it all is even worse! The Foldimate is literally you’re new best friend – it folds all of your washing for you making a

boring and endless task more fun. All you need to do is insert the item of clothing in to the machine and it will fold your clothes for you. But it does come at a cost which is roughly estimated around £770 and it is predicted to be released later on in 2019. 

8K TV from Sony


Quality is impeccable with TVs at the moment, but it will be getting a whole lot better as Sony have unveiled an 8K TV Super Large model. Why go to the cinema when you can watch an amazing quality film in your very own living room? In addition to the quality, the Sony TV includes full LED back lighting and HDR which gives the user the best experience.

Furthermore to the specs, the new 8K view TV will come in 2 different sizes, 98 inch and 85 inch models. In conclusion, the pricing hasn’t been announced but with new technology, specs and model sizes combined it’s not going to be on the cheap side…

Noise cancelling headphones


Listening to music via your headphones can be quite annoying if all you can hear is cars honking their horns and the conversations you aren’t supposed to listen in to in the first place! Audio-Technica are going up against Bose with their noise cancelling headphones which are priced at £269. The specs include wireless headphones, connected via Bluetooth and delivery systems for both Android and

iOS. In addition to the features already specified, they have an enhanced and higher audio resolution alongside multiple microphones to analyze the sounds around you and cancel them out completely. Have a better musical experience with noise cancelling headphones and enjoy your commute to work even more!

Will you buy?

Finally, to conclude this revelation of gadgets I for one couldn’t justify the cost for some of these products as I am not “all about the tech” as some people say. However, I would like to try them out and see how they perform because who knows, they could potentially change my mind in the future; apart from Samsung as I am an Apple user and simply don’t have the heart to change over.

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