Christmas Tech Gifts for 2019

Here is our annual top 5 most popular tech gadgets for Christmas. Ideal gifts for the gadget-lover in

Do you have a gadget lover in your life? If so, read on for our annual top 5 favourite gadgets for 2019. There are so many gadgets out there but which ones are actually worth their price tag? Well, it all depends on who it is for and what they want. And budget will always be a factor. So our top 5 selection will have something for every budget.

Sonos Move

Now you can take your Sonos wherever you go! This new speaker from Sonos works just like the original Sonos speakers, except it also has Bluetooth functionality for when you take it away from home. Also boasting weatherproof and drop-resistant features, it is exactly what Sonos have been missing. However, it isn’t cheap, with a price tag of around £349.


Beats Powerbeats Pro


If you’re already a regular down the gym or thinking of starting as part of your New Years resolution, then these wireless earphones are just for you. Lightweight, sweat & water resistant along with 9 hours of listening time. Also specially designed to stay in place during all types of exercise whilst still having amazing sound. Priced at £219.99.

Portal TV from Facebook

Smart video calling is now available on your TV with Portal TV. But why bother? Well, your TV is most likely the largest screen in your house and if you enjoy calling your family and friends, then this is for you. It also comes with a host of other features like built in Alexa. Priced at £99 and plugs directly into your TV. Other devices are also available.

portal tv from facebook

Tile Sticker


Do you know someone who is always misplacing their valuables, phone, camera, etc? If so, this is the idea gift. The Tile Sticker can be stuck to any gadget or personal belonging and linked to your smart phone so it can be found if misplaced. They are waterproof, have a range of 150 feet and an amazing 3 year built in battery. Two stickers cost £29.99.

Amazon Alexa Dot with Clock

Since it’s first launch in 2015, the Echo Dot has been one of the best-selling smart speakers on the market. This latest generation is their best yet, and if you have not got one yet, then this latest generation also has a built-in clock, so it may just tempt first-time buyers. This is the most expensive Dot, priced at £59.99 whilst earlier versions sell for around £24.99.


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