Cloud Overview

The ‘Cloud’ is one of the latest buzz words in IT at the moment, all major service providers

Cloud Overview

The ‘Cloud’ is one of the latest buzz words in IT at the moment, all major service providers seem to establishing a cloud to provide their customers with a new way to use the internet.   with the arrival of Apple’s ‘iCloud’ the term will only get used more and more.

“The term ‘The Cloud’ seems to be banded about within great regularity these days in the computing world. Many people are saying it but how many actually understand what the term means.”

Well not wanting to take then gloss of this new phenomenon, the cloud has existed for exactly the same amount of time as the internet has, because it is the internet. The biggest players in the IT world (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft & Google et all) have started using the term with alarming regularity in what can only be an attempt to grab more market share in the never ending battle between these protagonists for global superiority.

It seems there are two very different routes the cloud is following; one is the shiny glitzy way in which we now store / back up our music, pictures and other digital artefacts on the internet, the other is the less glamorous but infinitely more important world of remote working, shared online office applications, online backup, VOIP and net meetings etc.  Essentially pretty much all the services we at Aspect IT offer to enhance you company’s productivity while away from the office have been offered via ‘The Cloud’ (and we have been doing it for a long time)!

Remote productivity is essential for anyone who conducts their business away from the office.   It allows constant information flow, for example, allowing sales staff real time information about cost, stock levels, latest offers and information about their clients.

The smartphone revolution has seemed to have firmly planted the idea of the cloud into the public’s psyche and with faster mobile data speeds and ever increasing broadband speeds the availability and reliability of the cloud computing has never been better. This allows you to have your own personal cloud and access your Sage information via an iPhone or Blackberry.

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