Computer chip scare – what you need to know

In the news recently there has been reports of a flaw in Intel’s computer chips. The tech firm are

In the news recently there has been reports of a flaw in Intel’s computer chips. The tech firm are working as fast as they can to fix the vulnerability. There are several things that you need to know and also what you can do to make sure that the vulnerability is minimized as much as possible on your end.

The more positive side of this problem is that the National Cyber Security Centre have confirmed that there has been no evidence to suggest that the flaw has been exploited.

The bugs


There are two bugs that have been found and here is what you may need to know about them.

Meltdown – this affects laptops, desktop PCs and internet servers that have Intel chips. If you’re not sure if it includes their chip, you may want to double check just in case.

Spectre – according to reports this is the bug that has a more wider affect on people as it affects smartphones, tablets and PCs that are powered by Intel, ARM and AMD.

Please be aware that any of these devices that are connected to the Cloud are also vulnerable and you will want to take extra care whilst the bugs are being looked at.

What you need to do

Microsoft, Apple and Linux are working on patches to fix the issue, but there are some thinks that you need to do to to maximize your protection.


For Apple users the latest version of MacOS which is 10.13.2 and iOS 11.2 is safe, so if you don’t have the latest update then you need to check your settings for your device to have better protection.


Microsoft users will need to download the latest update for Windows 10 as it contains an emergency patch which was released on the 4th January. This patch will be applied to Windows 7 and 8.

Please be aware that third party anti-virus and security software has been updated first for the patch to be installed.


Android users with the latest updates on their devices are confirmed by Google that they are completely safe from this flaw and web services are safe to use.


For Cloud users for Amazon Web Services and Google’s Cloud platform have said that they have patched the majority of services but will fix the rest of the services soon.