How to control your child’s Social Media use

Do you have a child that is old enough to use Social Media but cannot seem to come

This is the blog that all you parents will love! Do you have a child that is old enough to use Social Media but cannot seem to come away from it? Yes? Okay, keep reading our blog and you’ll thank us later.

Social Media addiction

As we stated in our previous blog post, more children younger than the minimum age limit are becoming active on social media. I bet none of you have gone out for a meal without your child taking pictures of their food and themselves for Instagram or Snapchat purposes. The addiction is becoming an increasing problem in society and not just for kids.

As a whole we need to take control of the situation and that means including ourselves! Yes I can confirm I am a Social Media addict and I’ll admit that something needs to change. Anyway, here is how to control your child’s social media usage.

Take control of their mobile device

In the evenings or at weekends when children aren’t out doing activities or homework, their hands are usually glued to their phones. Verbal conversation is minimal and their eyes are fixated on one thing only.

One way my mum taught me was to give her my phone and any other devices at bedtime so I wouldn’t be tempted to go on them so I could get a good nights sleep. Give them a curfew at weekends if they aren’t doing anything special. All they will do is spend time on their phone, so by giving them regular breaks one big break then it’ll force them to do something else instead.

Come to an agreement on passwords

The only way to access their accounts is through their passwords. Of course it would be much preferable if you made an agreement with your child about knowing their password, but very few adults actually allow their child to create the account. There’s a lot of online safety issues so by you having their account details, it makes it much easier for you to access their accounts without a fight.

Get parental control programs

These are designed to allow you to monitor your child’s social media, and all other activity. It’s a great way to make sure you child is not only safe but making sure they don’t spend a heavy amount of time on their mobile devices.

There are several programs that you can use to install:

  • Teensafe
  • NetNanny
  • My Mobile WatchDog
  • Mobile Guardian

Network blocking

If you didn’t want your child accessing specific sites you can always get them blocked. Internet providers can offer age filtering services which stops children under the age of 18 viewing and accessing harmful content.

If this is something you want to look further in to, you will need to contact your Internet provider to discuss it.

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