Gadgets to keep you cool over summer!

It’s getting to that point now where we’re all fighting over who gets the fan and constantly drinking

It’s getting to that point now where we’re all fighting over who gets the fan and constantly drinking ice cold water because it’s so hot! Well fear no more as today’s blog will give you some perfect gadgets to keep you cool during your day at work.

USB powered mini misting fan

Instead of leaving your desk to stand in front of the office fan or the air-con, you can now purchase a misting fan that will keep you cool whilst at your desk. Just plug it in to your USB port and away your go. The fan has 3 settings:

  •  Fan mode – just the regular cooling fan
  • Misty mode – sprays cooling water to keep your skin cool and fresh
  • Fan and misty – if you fancy cooling down whilst keeping fresh, why not choose both


You can purchase the portable fan on Amazon for £14.99

Fitryo cooling towel

This little cooling towel is perfect for you to have during work. It is designed to soak up water and keep cool for 2 hours. The best place to put it would be on the back of your neck as your body cools down much better with it placed there.

Once you’ve got this on you, it’ll be the best purchase you’ve made for summer.


This can be purchased on Amazon US for $9.95

Drink chiller

Everyone worries about their drinks going too warm so they’re constantly drinking (which isn’t a bad thing), but drinking on your own accord would be great in a scorching office would be ideal. This Cooper beverage chiller will solve all your problems! – just simply plug it in, set it up and let your drink stay cool all day.


  • It has an electronic touch pad timer
  • Allows you to chill ice cold
  • Removable lid caps for larger bottles
  • Chills beverages in minutes

drink chiller

This can purchased for £142.98 on Amazon

Self-cooling car seat cushion

It’s the end of the working day and you’re dreading getting in your car because of the heat trapped in side it. You instantly dive in to your car and go straight for the air-con, well now you won’t need to be worried any longer as this car seat will be the answer to all your problems.

This cushion will plug in to your car lighter and let you control the heat of the seat. It’s incredibly useful if you have leather seats and always get yourself burnt when you’re getting in!

car seat

Cup of tea

I know this isn’t a gadget, but this is one of the most talked about cooling solutions. Hot drinks have been said to cool you down for some strange reason, but some people say they do and others say they don ‘t.

Might be worth trying it on a sweltering hot day, you may be surprised.