How to create the perfect Marketing advertisement

Creating the perfect marketing advertisement requires a lot of thought and creativity to ensure you convey the best

You know it’s almost Christmas when the memorable yearly adverts come out from selected large businesses. My personal favorite is the John Lewis advert. That is the trigger that I need to tell me that it’s almost my favorite time of the year. But today’s blog is all about what makes the perfect marketing advertisement. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do and how it can benefit you in the long run. 

Now is the perfect time to discuss it because there are lots of Christmas advertisements coming out that some people may forever remember and love. 

Play with viewers emotions


The one thing that gets people every time is how the company plays with the audience’s emotions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s happy, sad or angry as long as you’ve got the people talking that’s all that matters. 

My favorite advert is the John Lewis advert, simply because I find them very heartwarming and they give me a sense of happiness and emotion. It’s the

story behind them that makes them so memorable and the characters too. They often use animation to create fantasy character which I love such as the monster under the bed last year. It got people talking and it even had its own hashtag too!

Make it memorable


It may not be a good reason why the advert is memorable, but at least it gets everyone talking. You want to paint your brand and business in a positive light, so executing an emotion-felt and memorable advert will certainly help you get the recognition you deserve. However, I’m sure that anyone who reads this blog can think of one advert that is extremely annoying or gets on your nerves.

For me it’s the singing, irritating GoCompare ad. No, I don’t like it but I remember it right? It makes me think of that business when I’m looking for car insurance and can help people in the future for insurance comparison quotes. So in my opinion the advertisement is a success!

Be aware of controversial topics


Businesses some times want to break the ice on topics that cause major division in the world to try and make it memorable; not all businesses succeed! The one I remember the most is the Pepsi advertisement that struck chaos and conflict nationwide. It showed model, Kendall Jenner hand a can of Pepsi to a police offer during a protest. 

It faced a huge backlash as it was deemed insensitive towards the Black Lives Matter movement as a young, black female approached on duty officers during the protest. With the resemblance in mind, Pepsi was forced to publicly apologies and remove the advert completely. This is the sort of example to be mindful of when approaching sensitive topics for advertisement. 

Use color for impact


This applies to both printed/online and video advertisements. Catching the eye of your audience is essential and there’s no better way to do it than creating a unique ad that explores the use of colour and effects. For printed/online you need to make sure you make it appealing and bright so nobody walks passed or scrolls without it catching their eye. A dull advert will not get recognized. 

For video advertisements, experimenting with black and white is a useful effect. As everything on television is in colour, you may want to have part of the advertisement as this then switch to colour. This is useful when you’re a business that has benefits when they use your service/product. The connotations of the black and white resemble dullness so once it flicks to colour it’s all bright and positive. 

Create your advertisement now!

Now you know what makes a great advertisement it’s time to get creative yourself! Whether it’s a Christmas advert or a generic all year round advert now you know the ingredients to a great ad.

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