Cyber Security threats to look out for this year

2017 was disastrous for some organizations as Ransomware made its debut. More Cyber Threats are on the rise

2017 wasn’t the year for Cyber protection as several malicious and disastrous ransomware attacks hit large, medium and small businesses all over the globe. This year all protection firms are on a mission to stress the importance it is to protect data, files and businesses as a whole to defend against Cyber Criminals. 

Today we will highlight the current threats for your business and how to defend against it. 


What happened last year?

The top attacks that occurred in 2017 were some of the most malicious ones to date. They caused major disruption to businesses and it caused chaos for days worldwide. Here are some of the top threats that hit in 2017:


This virus was a global infection to large and small organizations. NHS hospitals were the most hard hit in the UK. It caused chaos across the globe as hospitals resorted to cancelling upcoming appointments that day and has to revert to the pen and paper method as their systems were locked with Ransomware; it affected around 300,000 organizations in total.


This attack was spread through a “drive by” attack which meant that any websites that weren’t secure they were a target for BadRabbit to be compromised on to. For those that were affected by the Ransomware, the ransom demand came at a cost of $280 in Bitcoin. If the ransom wasn’t paid within 40 hours the hard drives were then encrypted (unless they had a good IT provider that wiped their PC and restored it with backups!).


This attack was discovered in 2016 but it progressively got worse in 2017. It spread through emails of which 23 million of them were sent over 24 hours. It contained attachments such as “pictures” or “documents” which requested you to download. Once the download has started this is when Locky could gain access to your PC and start to lock data, files and your whole computer. 


Cyber threats to look for this year

We’re almost half way in to 2018 and we need to make sure that we protect our businesses, PCs, servers even more to prevent a catastrophic attack from hitting us globally and having a disastrous effect. We want to make you aware as to what is predicted for Cyber Attacks IN 2018. 

More major data breaches

Huge data breaches against vulnerable organisations with restricted knowledge on Cyber Security is a hit. Those that are willing to pay the ransom are encouraging the hackers to continue to distribute ransomware. As 2017 was one of the worst affected years, 2018 has been predicted to be the same. 

Ransomware in the Cloud

The Cloud is becoming more reliable to businesses in storing files as a backup, so this gives hackers a brand new opportunity to try and hack. Ransomware is typically disguised through spam emails but the Cloud is a new target. 

Hacking Elections

It’s not uncommon for this to speculate, but as we have approached more elections, it has been predicted as a target for this year via electronic voter rolls. The US is preparing for their elections in November so they need to act now to help protect any of the votes becoming hacked. 

How you can prepare

We aren’t IT Support if we don’t help you with preparing and planning to protect your systems from a malicious attack. There are numerous things you can do to ensure you’re protected fully. 

Install Ransomware software

Heimdal is a software product we highly recommend for business and personal use. It is designed to detect and block any malicious activity from getting in to the system and causing damage to data and files. 

Spam filtering

As we mentioned that Ransomware can come through emails, a spam filter will pick up and detect anything suspicious in the email and highlight it in a quarantine report which you can inspect. Without this, those who are not knowledgeable on these emails can easily download the Ransomware on to their PC.


Any file you have it is essential to keep a backup copy somewhere else so in the event of an attack, you have a backup of the files so all is not lost. It helps you and it also saves you a lot of time recreating important documents. 

IT Support providers

As we are IT professionals, we know what to look out for and how it can be tackled to make sure your business does not suffer any damage. Backing yourself with people like us gives you that extra layer of protection and takes the stress off you in the event of a disaster. 

If you would like to receive more information on a particular service, how you can maximize your protection or even find out how protected your business is then please fill out your details in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a phone call or onsite meeting. 


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