Customizing your LinkedIn URL

Not a lot of people are aware of a URL and knowing that you can customize it on

Not a lot of people are aware of a URL and knowing that you can customize it on LinkedIn. If you have noticed, well done! But if you haven’t, if you look on your own LinkedIn profile you will see that there is just a combination of numbers; that makes your profile unique and your own but formatted by LinkedIn itself.

You’re probably thinking why do you even need to customize your URL apart from the fact it may just be a personal preference. However, there are numerous reasons and benefits for you to do this. Our blog today will cover the benefits on changing your URL and how to customize it yourself.

Easier to find

You probably think ‘why would someone want to search me?’ or ‘who even knows my name to search me?’ But have you ever thought about your customers and clients wanting to find you on LinkedIn? Connecting with your customers on a business network can help you build up a relationship with them (in business of course).

It makes you much easier to find if you customize your URL.

Boosts your credibility

There’s always those tech gurus that know how to do everything and why. Customizing your URL can look great on you as a person because it shows that you are knowledgeable about the tech enhancements that there are, you put effort in to the littlest detail (as quite a lot of people may not even look at the URL of a page properly).

How to customise your URL

  1. Click the ‘me’ icon where your profile image is at the top of the screen
  2. Go to ‘view profile’
  3. Click the pencil icon on the far right of the screen where it says ‘Contact and Personal info’
  4. Insert your name in to the URL box at the top of the edit box (use your name as it will allow someone to find you easier).~
  5. Click ‘save’

Sometimes your name may be taken which can usually be the case, you can use your name plus your business name as a last resort if you cannot use any alternative. This way, if someone searches your company name your profile is more than likely to show up.

LinkedIn provide a guide and instructions for you to follow, and some notes for you to be aware of.