4 factors that could put you at risk of a Cyber Attack

A Cyber Attack can come through many different sources. If you aren't careful you could be a victim

There are many different ways in which you can become a victim of a Cyber Attack. Hackers are finding more ways in which they can access any device without permission and to do so. As it is Cyber Security Awareness month it would be the perfect time to list and document some of the usual ways in which you can have your accounts hacked and what you need to do to stop this happening. 

Through public Wi-Fi


One popular way of hackers getting in to your accounts are through Public WiFi. If you visit places that offer free WiFi, the best thing to do is avoid it as it isn’t secure. WiFi should only be used if it requires a password because then it is secure to use. 

With a network that isn’t password protected hackers can easily gain access to devices through this and your accounts are at risk.

Many people use their smartphones or laptops to access emails and this is how malware is spread. The hacker will create a malicious ransomware link and pretend to be that person whose account they have compromised and send it around to their contacts. 

Once this has taken effect and other people have clicked the link, more accounts and devices will become infected with the malware. 

Weak passwords

The most common and frequent mistake users make is having a password that is far too easy for hackers to guess. Users normally have a combination of numbers or letters that are too easy or they use their own details. This can often be because we can sometimes forget our passwords and if we have numerous accounts that require passwords you’re more than likely to forget it. 

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Passwords should be a mixture of different characters, letters and special characters as it makes your passwords harder to guess. The more complex the password the more secure your account is. You can follow our guide on How to create a strong password here. 

Lack of PC Software Security

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Using a PC, laptop or digital device without security software is another risk that people take which can result in disastrous consequences. To keep yourself protected you will need an anti-virus and anti-ransomware software package that will scan, detect and block potentially malicious attacks that could be attempting to

get on to your PC. They are both a life saver especially for your business and data. 

Failure to secure your business and become a victim to a Cyber Attack can result in a large fine which can have a large financial impact. 

Using websites that aren't secure

When trying to access a website, it sometimes alerts you that it isn’t safe to continue. To determine how secure a website is you need to look beside the address bar. If there is a closed padlock then this means the website you are trying to access is secure. Cyber criminals use unprotected websites to store malicious codes. Once someone visits that website, the code can easily be installed on to

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their machine as all your IP details will be available to them. This can result in Ransomware, data loss and financial loss. You must be aware and take precautions each time you try to visit a website. 

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