Deadliest consequences of a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks can be deadly and provide huge consequences that can liquidate a business. Here are the top

Cyber Attacks are a major threat to any business or individual. It can cause an enormous amount of damage which will not look good for the foreseeable future. There are endless consequences to what you can experience which is a good thing why we’re blogging about what could happen if you suffer a data breach and how you can protect against them.

Compromised customer/employee data

Once a hacker manages to gain access to your entire system none of your data is safe. They will manage to gain access to both your customer and employee data and use it to their advantage. It can be used to steal someone’s identity and to commit fraud crimes. It can reflect badly on your business as you will not be able to retain the


data unless you pay a ransom. However, one thing to point out is that not every attacker is generous enough to give you your data back.

Decline in business reputation

The law states you must let your customers know if you suffer a data breach. Although honesty is the best policy it can turn your customers away as it proves and shows that your business and methods of storing their data isn’t secure enough for them to be confidential. 

Imagine if your bank had a data breach, would you trust them in the future to keep your data secure? Some people will give the benefit of the doubt to that company but others completely lose trust and leave. This is why you need to ensure you’re fully protected again cyber threats.


Downtime costs money

The main focal point in the event of a data breach is to get on top of the situation and depending on whether the hacker has locked your systems it can have an effect on the business. 

The less work you are able to do the higher the impact of business downtime affects you financially. Of course this is every businesses worst nightmare which is why taking the appropriate measures is a mandatory requirement. 


Physical and permanent data loss

You aren’t guaranteed to get your data back as some cyber criminals take the ransom and keep the data for their own use. If you suffer data loss on your customers it can cause a real issue as you will not have any back logs to refer to on their customer history and you won’t have an outlook as to how many customers you have etc. 


With this in mind, it can force you out of business many businesses fail to re-open after a cyber attack as they have nothing to fall back on financially. Some people understand the means of a cyber attack and what happens, however many fail to realize the extent of damage it can cause in the long run.  

How Cyber Essentials benefits an organization

Cyber Essentials helps prepare your business for the unexpected. It assists and guards your organisation to ensure that you do not face any of the consequences above. 

Your commitment to Cyber Security will show to your customers that you value the privacy and confidentiality of their data you hold and how far you will go to stay protected. Having defense mechanisms will increase the confidence of your customers and will more than likely keep them loyal to the business; which they can then recommend others to come with you.

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We can help you analyse what your current situation is, what potential threats you may have and what you can do to resolve them. We can make your business outgoings cost efficient as apposed to what it could be if you were hit by a cyber attack. 

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