How Cyber-attacks can influence the importance of Cyber Security

So far 2017 hasn’t been a great year for some businesses as they have been targeted by ransomware

So far 2017 hasn’t been a great year for some businesses as they have been targeted by ransomware attacks. The real question we need to ask here is that will businesses be more prepared to protect themselves against ransomware attacks? Today’s blog will give you a little insight as to what has happened, why it happened and what the verdict of the future of cyber-security is.


The WannaCry virus was the first big hit this year that infected many businesses worldwide including the NHS. A cyber-security expert managed to patch up and block the ransomware so businesses could eventually return to normal. However, that didn’t stop the next sort of attack happening…

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Only a few weeks later, the NotPetya ransomware was hitting businesses including the pharmaceutical company Merck and FedEx. This resulted in both businesses loosing out on a significant amount of income as they had no option but to pay the hackers to get their data back.


Are Cyber attacks aimed at large businesses?

This question is often asked and the answer is no. In a hackers eyes any money is a job well done, and no matter who it is they will take over their entire system for a ransom. On the other hand, they are more likely to go for larger businesses because that means more money for them.

You can never be sure if you’ll be a target or not, because depending on backups, protection and software these factors can all have an affect at indicating your vulnerability as a business. You say you’re fine because you aren’t a big business but actually if you’re less protected then you are practically an easy target.

A silver lining

After stressing how important it is for cyber-security, business are now starting to listen and do something about it. Before the attacks started to become more frequent people were under the impression that an anti-virus software did the trick. A very tiny part of it does but it’s not the main focal point of the software.

Could this be that we need to educate businesses on the difference between anti-virus and anti-ransomware does? Once you learn the difference between the two and what effects your business can have without them then you will know the importance of them and how they can work together to make your business pretty much untouchable.

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