5 stages of a Cyber Essentials Certification plan

As Cyber crime rises businesses should be putting Cyber Security up there asa a priority. A Cyber certification

As GDPR came in to effect in May this year, data protection and breach laws are becoming more strict than ever in a bid to encourage businesses to act now. Our blogs have been building a portfolio of what Cyber Essentials is, how it can protect you and what benefit it is for an organization like yours. If you haven’t visited our page already, our simple five step process can help you start the process of becoming a better and secure business.

We have had recent enquiries off our customers stating that their customers have been asking if they’re Cyber Essentials certified. It can put people off knowing that you’re not because if you have it then it shows how much you value your confidential data. 

Stage 1 - Investigation stage


You will need a professional team to conduct an inspection of your current systems and procedures so they can see what needs to be protected and looked at. Without knowing this it could potentially cause problems in the near future.

Stage 2 - Assess


Once a full site audit has been completed of all your systems a report will be completed by the professional team to indicate what is and what is not protected. They will outline and specify what work needs to be completed in the business which will then be relayed to you so you are aware of the implementations you need to make.

Stage 3 - Implement


Once you have confirmed you are happy to go ahead with the changes, we will work with you to make sure all systems are fully protected and the appropriate software/hardware is installed. 

Stage 4 - Apply for certification


The next stage is to help fill in your Cyber Essentials questionnaire which is to help assess and declare your protection that you have in place. In order to pass you must meet the Cyber Essentials requirements and without it you will fail to gain certification and that is where the whole process starts again. 

Stage 5 - Manage


Once you’ve been approved and certified it’s all good news around! However, as technology is continuously evolving and updates are constantly being issued (e.g. Microsoft issue patch and security updates which you need to action immediately). To make sure you are protected at all costs this will consist of a quarterly review which needs to be carried out professionally so that nothing goes undetected or unmissed. 

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