What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is important for organizations as it proves to your customers and clients how serious you are

Cyber Attacks are on the rise and with GDPR, fines are more harsh on organisations that suffer a data breach. Many organisations are taking action to ensure they have the law being them to protect them from a deadly fine. Not only can it cause chaos for your business internally but it can also burn a huge hole in your pocket and damage your reputation. Is this something you want to happen? I can imagine that it’s not!

To find out more about what Cyber Essentials is and the spec required then keep reading…

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials gives you the protection and recognition that you need to fully protect your business. It is a scheme backed and supported by the government which shows that you have taken Cyber Security seriously. 

Without the certification, you may not be aware of what you have that works and protects your systems, data and information. No matter how big or small


your organization is, becoming certified is important especially to your customers and potential clients. Once you’ve become certified, your organization will be listed on the official site.


What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials?

There are several benefits to Cyber Essentials and becoming certified. It makes you look better and more professional as a business:

  • Shows your customers and clients that you take Cyber Security seriously
  • Saves you costs of a data breach in the long run (the more records lost the more expensive the fine)
  • Makes you look better and professional as a business – can help you get more customers

How can I get Cyber Essentials Certified?

We are working with the governing body AISME which moderates questionnaires submitted by business to become certified. Our job is to guide you through the questionnaire and ensure you pass the scheme and become Cyber Essentials Certified. 

As a professional IT Support company we can recommend the appropriate


software and provide you with the knowledge so you eliminate yourself in the risk of suffering a Cyber Attack.

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