What does the future hold for Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the hot topic at the moment as it is seriously at risk because business’ aren’t

Cyber Security is the hot topic at the moment as it is seriously at risk because business’ aren’t taking the right precautions to ensure that their PC’s and servers are fully protected. Experts want to make people more aware of the situation and what the consequences will mean and be for a business.

Why could my business be in danger of Cyber Security breaches?

More malicious viruses, malware and ransomware are constantly being created. Take the NHS and HBO for example; they have been hit by ransomware that sent the businesses in to meltdown! The NHS wasn’t as badly effected than what HBO was in terms of ransomware, but the NHS was affected globally.

Some of the NHS was forced to cancel appointments and use the pen and paper method as they could not function without their vital online systems. It was complete chaos.

As for HBO the Cyber Criminals were demanding thousands of pounds from the company or else they would release their latest episodes of Game of Thrones including the season finale!

Cyber Security Europe 2017


On the 4th-5th October there is an event held in London that is all about Cyber Security. There will be a range of experts who will be discussing and helping you to:

  • Secure the cloud
  • Protect your web applications
  • Prevent against data breaches
  • Resist the latest evolving ransomware

Events like these can become handy for those who have very little knowledge of malware, ransomware and how to make sure that the relevant precautions are taken to make sure that you do not fall victim of ransomware as this can cause serious consequences for the business.

You can register for the event here.

What can I do to make sure my PC is protected?

There are numerous different methods that you can use to make sure that your PC and servers are secure. Here are some of the following options for you:

  • Anti-virus – although it will not protect your PC against ransomware and malware fully, it will give you that extra protection along with the anti-malware software package
  • Heimdal Security – This is the anti-malware software package that specifically targets and blocks malware and ransomware from gaining unauthorized access to your PC. Having both and anti-virus and anti-malware package, they will give you that extra protection you need.
  • Back ups – backing up your PC’s and servers can allow you to get your work back should anything happen to it. It is recommended that you back up to the cloud as this is the most secure place to back your data up.
  • Server imaging – It’s the same as backing up your data but server imaging automatically does it every 15 minutes and allows your whole PC and server to be recovered if cyber criminals get in to your system and encrypt your data.

Finally, Aspect IT can help you out with Heimdal Security, Cloud services, Backups and Server Imaging. You can contact our helpdesk for more information on our services. Act now whilst you’re safe!