Why is Cyber Security important in business?

Cyber Security is increasing every year and a deadly and malicious attack could be round the corner at


percent is the number of Ransomware attacks increasing each year


percent of companies have over 1,000 files with sensitive information


percent of businesses said their risk has increased in 2017


percent of attacks increased on Mac computers in 2017

These stats are shocking and if that doesn’t open your eyes to the cyber world, maybe a deadly cyber hack to your business will. It can have a major impact on the who infrastructure of a business which nobody wants to see. It’s unfortunate to see businesses suffer immensely after a cyber attack because they have fallen victim to a scam and you could be next. 

In order to answer your questions about cyber security we have created this blog for you to highlight what can happen if you leave your systems unprotected.

Loss of customers

When a cyber attack hits an organization, they must announce it to their customers so they are aware in case any of their confidential information is broken. If you’re a customer of a business that suffers an attack, would you start to question why? We would too as this indicates they may not be taking their internal protection seriously. 

The customer will eventually lose faith and trust in you, resulting in terminating their contractual agreement and taking their custom elsewhere. This is the last thing you want as bad word of mouth can be spread by those unhappy customers which damages your reputation. 


Keeps your business alive!

As well as the employees and customers of course, cyber security will assist in the protection scheme of your internal operations. Without the essential protection, you will stand out to hackers and are more vulnerable to an attack. To make sure you don’t pose yourselves as a vulnerability you need to make sure you have the appropriate protection in place for the right systems.


It matters because without the security your business can face a huge financial dip as breach of data will cost you money. Many businesses even struggle to return to normal within six months of a data breach, forcing them in to administration. 

Sales loss

If you are partnered with other companies, it can dramatically affect your relationship as they will lose trust in your to protect all customer details. Any business that suffers a cyber attack will receive consequences one way or another. With partners cutting the contract and suppliers pulling out too, you could potentially struggle to make sales without these essential connections. This is why you need to make sure you’re as secure and strong as possible so that others are confident you have security up to date.


Leaving it too late could cost you your business...

There could potentially be a major cyber attack just around the corner and the National Cyber Security Center are tackling at least 10 attacks each week. Don’t make yourself become one of those 10 and get in contact TODAY with our experts. We work with the governing body IASME to help organisations become Cyber Essentials certified. See what we can do for you. 

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