Worst Cyber Security fails

It seems as though Cyber Security has failed completely for some companies this year, but whose fault was

It seems as though Cyber Security has failed completely for some companies this year, but whose fault was it that it happened in the first place? We’ll be going through the top Cyber Security fails of all time and give you the lowdown on what happened.

WannaCry virus 2017

This incident was the biggest data breach this occurred this year and possibly of all time. The WannaCry virus infected systems in over 200 countries including the NHS. It was so severe, the NHS had to cancel appointments and go back to the pen and paper method as their main system was completely encrypted.

It was a major incident that affected hundreds of businesses, but the main concern with the NHS was that they were using outdated systems, which therefore made the cyber criminals chances of being more successful.

Wonga Cyber attack 2017

In April this year, payday loan company Wonga suffered one of the biggest data breaches in the UK. Hackers managed to access personal details of 245,000 customers in the UK including their name, address, bank details, card numbers etc.

It was discovered that the company did not give out incentives or a form of reward to keep the cyber security of the system up to date, so there was no real motivation from the staff to do it, which resulted in terrible consequences. There has been talk about issuing fines to business if they fail to keep their security up to date so this may give them that little extra motivation.

Three UK data breach 2016

Last year mobile phone company, Three was hacked and it gave the criminals access to their 133,827 customer database. They managed to filter out all those customers who were listed as a customer that was due an upgrade on their contract. They managed to upgrade customer contracts and steal a number of mobile devices.

TalkTalk data breach 2015

TalkTalk received a number of attacks over a 6 day period in 2015 on their database. It resulted in 156,959 customers’ data being completely lost and at least 15,656 bank accounts details were accessed by the cyber criminals. This was a major fall for TalkTalk as it was discovered that they were using an outdated system which was no longer supported. This allow the criminals to gain access easier through and SQL injection.

It led to the company being fine £400,000 for the data breach as it was their fault for not having updated systems in place.

Tesco cyber attack 2016

Unfortunately back in the summer of 2016, hackers managed to gain and withdraw money from 20,000 of 136,000 bank accounts and suspicious activity was picked up on 40,000 customer accounts. It was a huge embarrassment to Tesco, which resulted everything being frozen as a precaution.



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