Cybersecurity Tips When Working from Home

If your employees are working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, then you should read our cybersecurity tips

With a large number of people now working from home, would-be hackers are ready to take advantage of potential vulnerabilities organisations face when it comes to their remote working set-up. Working from home means not only is it possible to put your own data at risk but that of your company’s too.

These cyber security tips will help you and your data stay safe while working remotely.

Have a Strong Wi-Fi Password

An overwhelming majority of us will be depending on our home internet when working from home. Not only should you ensure your wi-fi connection has a strong password, but the connection should be encrypted as well. This helps keep everything you send and receive safe, including any information you may input to access office computers remotely. Only ever work over a secured wi-fi connection, and not public wi-fi.

Invest in Antivirus Software

Organisations usually have an awareness about the level of protection needed in the office, but that could be very different from home computers. It is vital that you have a dependable antivirus solution, especially when handling sensitive company data.


Have Up-to-date Applications

You may find yourself relying on your own devices to conduct business, and these may not have all the same up-to-date applications that you have at work. It’s vulnerabilities in these that hackers tend to exploit. Make certain you have the most current version of any application you may be using, as this will often have the most recent security patches.

Use Two-factor Authentication

Strong passwords provide one level of security, and with so many using one password for multiple applications, it only takes one compromise to happen before disaster strikes. This can be avoided with two-factor authentication, combining a strong password with an additional security measure, such as a text message sent with a code to input.


Back Up Data Regularly

Backups should be performed regularly from the office, but will you easily be able to do that whilst working remotely? Review your back-up services and make sure it will fit your organisation’s working-from-home needs.

Be Aware of Phishing

Cybercriminals are exploiting fears surrounding coronavirus in phishing scams. This is when an email is designed to look “official” to get you to click and part with details or even download malicious software.

There are several known phishing scams going out at the moment including those disguised as the World Health Organisation. Know what to look for and how to identify a scam email on our blog about phishing here.


Get Professional Help

At Aspect IT, not only can we help your organisation set up remote working, but we will ensure your organisation stays secure, complete with data backup services too. Talk to us today about your requirements and our team will be happy to help!

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