Arghhh, crash!

Have you ever experienced a total crash of your hard drive and you’ve lost what feels like your

Have you ever experienced a total crash of your hard drive and you’ve lost what feels like your life’s work, and more importantly the holiday snaps from Ibiza 2003?

Business Computer BackupI have and I felt pure panic, a feeling of total dread and despair.  I lost all my university coursework and although I’d left many years before, it was still useful reference material that was lost forever.  It took me a long time come to terms with my loss, but eventually I was got over it and I moved on.  But crucially, it wasn’t current work, it was mostly work from the past.  If the same were to happen now and we lost all our data and information, well, we’d practically have no business left.

That’s why we are very pedantic about backing up our data at Aspect.  We save work on to our PCs, which links to a central server, stored offsite.  This server also has a backup, which runs overnight, every night.  It’s all completely secure too, protected by encryption so we can go home at the end of the day and sleep easily knowing that our data is fully protected.

Any business that fails to back up their data is taking a huge risk.  What would happen if you came into work on a Monday morning to an office full of blank screens?  Could you even make a call for help if all your contacts are stored on your PC?  Quotes, contracts, customer data could all be lost in the ether forever and the thought of starting again could be overwhelming.  In fact, according to the British Chamber of Commerce, 90% of businesses that lose their data are forced to shut within two years.  And to be honest, it’s a really easy thing to set up.  Our isafe backup system is so straightforward, you don’t need an external hard drive either, all the data is saved via the Internet to our secure server and it does it all automatically.  Hopefully, like any fail-safe, you’ll never have to call on your backed up data, but it does mean you get a good nights sleep.