Data on the Move?

Is your data on the move?  Do you take your laptop, tablet or storage device away from the office

Is your data on the move?  Do you take your laptop, tablet or storage device away from the office or school?

If you answered yes then you need to ensure your equipment and data is secure.

  1. Being Careful:
    • Sounds obvious, but most laptop and equipment thefts are from opportunists.
    • Don’t leave your equipment unattended or visible in a car.
    • Keep equipment out of site when driving as thefts from vehicles which are stopped at traffic lights are increasing.  Keep laptops in the footwell out of view.
    • If locking your laptop in your car boot then do it before you start your journey, i.e. don’t park up, put it into your car boot and then go shopping, unscrupulous people may be watching.
    • There were rumours circulating that thieves could detect a laptop in a car boot using a inductive amplifier.  For the more sceptical among us click here for a useful article on the facts and make up your own mind.
  2. Back up your Data:
    • Always back up your data from your laptop, tablet or storage device.
    • Backup your data before you leave the office/school.
    • If you are away from the office/school for a period of time then use an online backup service like Aspect’s  isafe backup.  This will enable you to back up your data via the Internet from anywhere.
  3. Access your data via the Cloud:
    • Rather than store data on your latop or device, access it via the cloud instead.
    • This works by your data being held in a secure environment which you access via an Internet connection.
    • This can be a paid online storage service or simply setting up remote access to your office.
    • However you will need an Internet connection to get at your data when out and about.
  4. Encrypt your Data:
    • There is a wide range of software available that will encrypt data on your equipment.
    • This doesn’t stop you losing your data, but if your equipment is stolen or lost, the data cannot be accessed.
    • Essential for schools and sensitive data, click here for an example of the consequences.
    • USB memory sticks can be purchased with encryption built in, so no setup required.

I hope this article has been informative and has provided some essential tips to keeping your data secure.