Keeping your computer and data information secure

We’ve done quite a few blogs based on ransomware, malware, hacking etc. But we want today’s blog to

We’ve done quite a few blogs based on ransomware, malware, hacking etc. But we want today’s blog to help you and your business keep your PC, information, data and accounts much safer from becoming a victim to cyber crime. There will be discussion on what products to use, what tools to use and what precautions you need to take.

Get yourself an anti virus and anti ransomware package

First thing we need to establish is that these two don’t come as a pair, they will need to be purchased individually to fulfill your PC’s security needs. An anti-virus needs be on your PC anyway to protect it from viruses, but what people don’t seem to realize is that it doesn’t protect against ransomware.

With an anti-virus, it blocks out suspicious activity for virus purposes, and only a tiny section of ransomware and malware. It’s called anti-virus because it protects against viruses, and anti-ransomware software focuses on attacking suspicious malware and ransomware activity. We provide Heimdal Security which is designed to specifically target malware and ransomware. You can find out more with our Cyber Security newsletter.

Password protect everything you can

Password protection is great, but it’s also easy to hack if you have the most simple password in the world (e.g. password is a common one for people to use). The idea is that you protect each document and account you have, not giving a hacker a chance to crack the code and steal your information!

The tip is to have a different password for each document and account you have and make it as complicated as possible. Use a range of big and small letters, numbers and special characters then this will make it harder for someone to guess.

You can check the strength of your password with this password checker online.

Back up your PC

Some people aren’t aware how important it is to back up your work, because if it was hacked and tampered with then chances are, you’ve lost it for good as it will of been encrypted with the hackers data or held by them until you pay the ransom.

Let me let you in on a little secret…what if we told you that if your data was encrypted you could get it back within a couple of hours without paying the ransom? Believe it or not we can do that for you with Server Imaging. You lose as little data as possible and your whole PC information can be restored once the PC itself has been wiped.

Keep your PC up to date

If a message pops up saying you need to update your PC, do not ignore it. Updates are so that it makes the path different for hackers so that it’ll be too late for them to try and get in to your PC with a particular path. You are more than likely going to be an easier target if you don’t keep everything up to date.

Also it makes your PC run slower and that can be rather frustrating!

Check your Security updates on your PC

Keeping your security up to date is obvious as this is what assists your PC in being protected. If you don’t keep your security up to date, there may be a case of a hacker worming their way through the system and getting access to your PC without you even knowing.

We would advise that every now and again you keep checking to make sure all the relevant settings are switched on.