Digital Marketing Tips for your business

Digital Marketing is constantly growing and more business’ are starting to go online, but why? Technology that’s why.

Digital Marketing is constantly growing and more business’ are starting to go online, but why? Technology that’s why. With social media and email marketing playing a big part, it allows businesses to reach their target audience better and create brand awareness on a large scale rather than just locally. If you aren’t on social media or at least marketing online, now is the time to start thinking of doing so. Today’s blog will give you some of the top tips for why you should be online and what to do.


Budgeting your online campaigns

To build up a following online, sometimes you may have to pay for a campaign so that it can reach more people. An example would be a Facebook campaign. You can pay a certain amount to Facebook to boost your post, meaning that Facebook will post the campaign so that it will reach a wider audience rather than just your in individual followers. This can be a great help, like we say you need to assess and budget yourselves to make sure you can run these campaigns.


You may get incoming emails inquiring about your product or service, but how do you know where they came across you from? Tracking is one of the most essential elements in digital marketing. It can give you an insight as whether your strategy is working or not and how successful it is. If a company pays for campaigns that aren’t even working, the money will just be wasted on the campaign when they could put that money in to something else.

Good platforms to monitor your activity would be social media insights and Google Analytics, as you will see how many people have viewed and reached your post, and also how they accessed the website. It’s great for knowing how well different platforms are doing because if some don’t work, it may save you time, money and effort to leave that platform. Only time will tell however, the results aren’t instant.

Know what options you have available to you

There are many different types of marketing and it will require a fair amount of research to know what kind of marketing you want and need to do, and to build a marketing strategy to put all the findings in place. Here are just some of the strategies you can adapt to your business.

Social media marketing – As explained above, social media marketing is probably the most important and essential one. You can post company updates and relevant news to your profiles to keep all your followers and audience up to date. It’s highly recommended by everyone to have some form of presence on social media.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is what it stands for. This is when keywords are put in the back of a website on different pages so that the business will show up in the search engine rankings. For example, as an IT support company we would use the terms to do with IT on our pages and when someone searches for them keywords, we should appear in the search engine results.

TIP: Only use keywords relevant to what you do as it is illegal to mislead people and can reflect badly on yourselves. Also, make sure all the keywords are simple and you know that someone would search for.

Email marketing – Emailing customers and potential clients can help brand awareness and get people more interested in your business. You want to keep your audience up to date as this can help build a good reputation as you aren’t leaving your customers in the dark and you are also communicating with them instead of leaving them until they need help. Communication is vital…remember that.

Work your way up

If you aren’t familiar with digital marketing, don’t try and go in to the technical and harder stuff before you learn the basics. Like we said, marketing takes time to build up your following so use your platforms wisely. The trick would be to sign up to social media platforms (we recommend Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Then take your time to get to know these platforms like how to post and do certain things, so when you start to post regular content, you can explore further with other things.


Obtaining feedback from your audience, customers, staff and anyone you can really is important, because you can analyse what you are doing right and what you can improve on. An easy way would be to create a survey to see what people think of you as a business and have a look at the online platforms you are active on. It really can help a lot.