Do I need Cyber Essentials?

Does your business need Cyber Essentials? Our latest blog gives you the outcomes of having Cyber Essentials and

Cyber Essentials is the new and latest scheme that helps businesses become certified against current and future cyber threats. First there was anti-virus, then it was anti-ransomware and now Cyber Essentials. The big questions organizations want to ask is do they really need Cyber Essentials? Is it worth spending money for something that isn’t necessary? We can never tell a business to invest in it but we can only advise them and explain what would happen if they didn’t get certified. 

Current cyber threats

Threats are currently increasing for all organizations, there are no business types and sizes that are more at risk than others. The National Cyber Security Centre has said that fileless malware is one threat to be aware of. This means that the hacker installs the code in to the memory of the computer; so no emails with a link or file to click on. It will be completely camouflaged and you


will never know it’s there until it’s too late. This is the most common one they have warned about alongside of other attacks from other countries. You may not think you need the protection but it’s just as good as saying you can ride a bike without a helmet, but once something happens it can be life changing.  

Why people are becoming certified

More business are starting to fill out their questionnaires to gain that certification. Why? Simply because they want to make sure they don’t end up with a fine so big it puts their company at risk of liquidation. It is said that once a business suffers a cyber attack some fail to recover and go in to administration 6 months after. Would you want that happening to your business?


It’s a simple process to put your business through and at the end of it, you get certified which will have a positive outlook to your customers and potential clients. 

How you can get your business certified

Our advice to you is that it’s better to be safe than sorry; if you suffer a cyber attack the consequences could be deadly. You can get certified by downloading the questionnaire and working your way through it. 

If you’re unsure on anything, we can help you out with our Cyber Essentials service. 


Our Cyber Security team can go through the questionnaire to make sure you have all the correct information and anything you do not have we can recommend the correct and appropriate fix. 

Become Cyber Essentials certified today!

Don’t let your business become part of a cyber attack and get certified with Cyber Essentials. Fill out your contact details to speak with our cyber team!


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