Are You a Social Media Addict?

Can’t stop refreshing your Facebook newsfeed? Struggle to enjoy your lunch unless you’ve shared a picture of it

Can’t stop refreshing your Facebook newsfeed? Struggle to enjoy your lunch unless you’ve shared a picture of it on Instagram?

Turns out you’re not alone; the number of people suffering from Social Media Addiction is on the rise. In fact, the problem is so rife that digital detox retreats are popping up all over the globe and seriously cashing in on your tech obsessions.

So if technology has been holding you hostage then it might be time to grab the bull by the horns and do something about it.

There are a number of ways to overcome your Twitter affliction without spending thousands of pounds on tech wellness retreats. We’ve drawn up a list below to help you face your social media compulsions head on. There’s a long road ahead, but cutting down could seriously improve your lifestyle and productivity!

Keep a Diary

Log the time you spend using Social Media. Do this for a week, and then take a look at what you’ve found… shocking isn’t it?! Alternatively, you could ask your friends, family, and work colleagues if they think you’ve got a problem. To estimate the total amount of time you’ve wasted on Facebook use this tool.

Implement Rules

Vow to stay off all social networks during meal times, when you’re in bed and perhaps when you’re commuting. Fill this time, with another activity that you enjoy e.g reading, listening to music, talking to a friend (in person!) or cracking a Rubik’s cube!

Alarm Clock

Consider buying an alarm clock. If you currently use your smartphone to get you out of bed, the first thing you do every day is stare at a computer screen. Not good.

Have a Day off

A little time away from the screen is not likely to cure your habit, but a day off the internet could serve as a helpful reminder that you don’t need to peak at a friend’s Facebook page every time you visit the loo.

Why not go the whole hog and take a weekend off? You’ll soon find that you have a lot of free time to fill with hobbies and other fun offline activities.

Think Carefully

Every time you go to your Twitter app, think to yourself… ‘Do I have a purpose here?’ If the answer is no then you’re just aimlessly traipsing through today’s tweets. Learn to access your social media accounts only if you have a specific reason. For example, if you need to check your friend’s birthday party event or connect with us on Facebook (hint hint).

The Avid Updater

If you fall into this category, nobody likes you. Okay, just kidding. But really, before you post that pointless status about drinking a glass of prosecco with your bestie, ask yourself why?! Are you just trying to prove that you’re having a good time?

If you’ve posted seven baby photos this week, consider not posting an eighth and try talking to a friend or sending your mum the picture instead (the only person who really cares). Do us all a favour and cut down on those frequent life updates. Unless you’re jumping out of a plane, having dinner with the queen, or about to break a the world record, then we really don’t want to know.


Are you only Facebook friends with certain people so that you can snoop on each other? Get rid of them; that’s one less person to waste your time social media stalking.

Change your Settings

Disable all app alerts. When you’re at work use software such as Get Cold Turkey and Self Control to block websites that are distracting.

If you’re still struggling to resist the temptation to check your social media accounts… think about how exciting it could be to come back after a bout of social media abstinence to 20+ notifications, 5+ friend requests and 2+ direct messages!

If you know someone that might have social media addiction share this post and see if you can help them kick their unhealthy habit!