Dos and Don’ts for successful mobile Marketing

Wondering why you aren’t getting a lot of business organically online? I know it’s so frustrating right! Before

Wondering why you aren’t getting a lot of business organically online? I know it’s so frustrating right! Before Digital Marketing was the “new in” it was all about cold calling, face-to-face marketing etc. I’m sure all of you who have been in business for years remember this. Mobile marketing is one of the latest methods in promoting your business and it proves useful if you work hard enough for it, but some people are a little confused on how it works and what to do to help bring in those hot leads for them. Let me tell you now, you’ve come to the right page because I’ll give you some of the dos and don’ts in to running a successful mobile marketing campaign.

So, what is mobile marketing?

It’s pretty simple to be honest…marketing on a mobile device. It’s basically taking advertisements and adding formatting them to appear optimized on a mobile phone. Let’s take gaming for example here. Have you ever been in the middle of a game and you’re interrupted by an annoying (or useful) advert and you have to wait 30 seconds until you can carry on with your game? Me too. This is a prime example of mobile marketing. I wouldn’t say everybody but the majority of people now use their mobile devices as a primary source for research and there’s no better opportunity to take advantage of this fact.

Think like the customer 

How could you possible understand what your customer wants and needs if you don’t even try to put yourself in their position? The best way to do it would be to analyse who your customers are, what their industry entails and think about what objects could be in the way. Once you understand the obstacles you can identify what solutions they would need.

Do – understand them as much as you can

Don’t – guess or presume what they would want

Offers and deals

Everyone loves a good bargain let me tell you that! I’m not saying throw this offer out and that offer out. What I’m saying is, offer certain deals to your audience/customers so they can really feel the benefit of your product/service and also make them feel valued. Giving customers renewal discounts will really make them feel good and is a good retention strategy (which we are working on at the moment). Just think about how you think they’ll benefit and if they would at certain times of the year.

Do – make the content look jazzy and appealing

Don’t – spam them with deals that do not apply to certain customers

Give the customer the best user experience

Take fashion retailers for example, they have mobile apps so when the user visits them they can sign up to their newsletter for deals and updates on their favorite clothing line. At this time of the year you are more than likely to get emails telling you their winter section is available which can take you straight to that page via email. It gives the user the easy and straight forward experience which enhances their buying habits!

Do – make it easy for the customer to direct to correct pages on your website

Don’t – lead them to a dead end, make sure you influence their buying habits in the right way

Maximize mobile marketing

Your competitors are most likely to be on your tail, so you’re going to have to up your game and take full opportunity in marketing activities. Online is the place you need to be to market as more people look online for services they require. 90% of purchases come through mobile searches, so with this demographic thrown out to you I think you better get planning!

Do – keep up to date with latest trends especially in mobile marketing

Don’t – leave your marketing/selling in the past.