What is an E-commerce website?

An e-Commerce website can help your small offline business grow to expansion. Here is what an e-Commmerce website

Technology is rapidly developing and businesses are starting to leave the offline world and revert to online as their consumers are doing the same. To live up to your consumers expectations and compete with those in your industry, you need to make sure you get online and grab every opportunity possible. 

For those who are unsure, an E-commerce business is an organization that sells products behind a counter and taking it online provides them with a much greater advantage at increasing revenue, expanding and more importantly competing with competitors. 

Pros of an E-commerce website


The purpose of selling online is that you can reach a wider audience than what you can locally. With the correct SEO and great marketing, you have the potential to expand and continue to grow as an independent business. 

There are many positives to come out of being online and this should help give you the kick start you need to grow your business:

  • Growth – expansion is definitely on the cards as people will be able to discover you online locally and further!
  • Competition – against your competitors you have online resources that people can see, view and purchase so more people will notice you which can give you an advantage against them.
  • Operating outside business hours – when you close and go home for the day, your website doesn’t! It’s open 24 hours 7 days a week which gives the extra opportunity for you to make sales.

What is an E-commerce website?


It’s the same as your offline shop apart from the fact the shop window is your computer/mobile screen. As people can’t physically pick things up to look at and purchase them, they need to go through an online catalog to see what products you have to offer.

The design and access needs to be simple and straight to the point. The consumer will want to know what the product is, what it looks like and how much it costs; other features can be explored if they click on the product itself. To get that instant purchase you need everything to look neat and attractive so it draws in the consumer (this is where the professional side comes in). 

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