Spambot leaks 700 million email addresses in data lump

Yikes! Has your email address been leaked? Possibly, as more than 711 million email addresses have been leaded

Yikes! Has your email address been leaked? Possibly, as more than 711 million email addresses have been leaded by a spambot.

A researcher has discovered the spambot which is based in the Netherlands and they have said it isn’t just email addresses on the server, but passwords and details about email servers.

What threat does this pose?

Well, first of all the data and privacy of a person’s email has been leaked without permission so the Data Protection Act has been broken here. But worse case scenario, you can receive phishing emails, spyware and emails from businesses that try to sell you something.

It could become a big issue if you fall for the malicious emails that appear in your inbox, but that’s if you do not have them filtered first. When you have a filter set up on your email account then any suspicious emails will get filtered and put to one side so that you can allow or disallow the email in your quarantine report.

What can you do if you receive suspicious emails?

Depending on the emails, you can often detect those weird and suspicious emails just by looking at either the content or the sender. It’s always advised that if you do not know the sender then do not click on any links or even open the email in the first place.

We also have a blog to help you know what to do if you receive spam emails

“Click on this link to verify your details”

This expression is definitely one we absolutely hate seeing. Nobody will get you to verify your details unless you sign up for something and it alerts you that you will receive an email telling your to verify your account.

Any so-called-banking email you receive to verify your details is 100% scam!


Spam Filtering – how it works

It’s pretty explanatory really, but here is our definition of it.

It is designed to eliminate suspicious emails that could contain phishing, spyware, malware or just general spam. Each week/month you will receive a quarantine report which will list all the emails and senders that have been filtered out.

Some can be a genuine emails that you receive so often which you can choose to put in your inbox and then others you can just dismiss.


How can we help?

You can contact us today for a free trial for our service. It’s affordable and easy to set up! It will give you tremendous results, especially if you receive large amount of spam emails.