Could it be the end for Facebook advertisements?

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced a massive change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm. Could this be the end

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced a massive change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm. Could this be the end of business marketing? According to the Facebook creator they are responding to feedback from their audience and users on the platform about receiving business adverts here, there and everywhere.

It has been discussed and it’s clear that Facebook is mainly to connect with each other to stay in touch and not to be targetted by business ads to try and get you to buy their product. From this announcement this could change the way our businesses target our audience?


How it can affect Marketing?

Audience reach 

Organic reach has been dead for a while. You may get a decent reach if you’re an SME but to help build your brand awareness and gain potential customers, paid ads are the way forward or were at least.

The more you paid for your ad the larger the audience reach, but now seen as it looks as though they’re ditching the ads you may see a large decrease on your audience reach. People have said that Facebook is basically signing a ‘death certificate’ because they make their profit based on business ads, but they’re going to have to resort to other measures if they’re planning on getting rid.

Advertising cost increase

Now that the algorithm has completely changed, there will still be advertisements just floating about, just not that many of them. As if there isn’t already enough competition in the advertising market – the competition will be higher than ever to compete for Facebook advertisements, so if you’re planning on advertising on Facebook be warned that the cost will increase dramatically.

Engagement bait will be penalized 

‘Comment YES if you love this’ – engagement bait will be less likely to appear on your timelines as the plan is to have content that will be relevant and meaningful to its users. Random ads and random posting will be kept either to a minimum or removed completely.

What Zuckerberg thinks

From this decision Mark Zuckerberg has had to think what the user outcome will be and how it can affect the platform. He has stated that the time people spend on Facebook may go down, however he wants the time people do spend on Facebook will be more valuable to them.

The aim at first was to connect with friends and family online, but it has also become about businesses competing for their ads to be displayed allowing Facebook to make extra profit.

What do you think?

So, from what it’s like now to what it’s going to be like there’s going to be different views on the positive and negative side of things.

What is your opinion on the new algorithm?