Facebook hits 2 billion users

You may of read online that Facebook has now hit 2 billion users worldwide, and so today we

You may of read online that Facebook has now hit 2 billion users worldwide, and so today we will be giving you a little background information as to how Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites in the world.

When did Facebook start

Facebook started in 2004 by computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg. He came up with the idea when he was developing social networking sites for his fellow students when he was studying psychology at Harvard University.

Once he had developed this and told students of the university about it, in 24 hours 1,200 students from Harvard University had signed up and created their own profile, and just one month later over half of the undergraduate population had their own profile.

Who had access to the network?

As it is stated that the Harvard University students were the first people to have their own profile, it then became accessible to students at other universities in the US. It became official when the address was purchased in August 2005 as ‘Facebook.com’ and it quickly spread across the network and eventually reached UK universities within just one month.

Why was it only used by university students?

Facebook was initially used for studying purposes which is why students had access to the networking page. It allowed them to communicate with one another to enhance their learning and studies. It was initially created for educational purposes.

Eventually in September 2006, it was accessible to anyone who had an email address, so the platform became increasingly popular for those who wanted to connect with their friends and family online.

The networking page is free for anyone to sign up and Facebook make their profits through other businesses advertisements.

Facebook has always been owned by Mark, but there have been offers to buy the social networking platform off him (there has been rumored figures of £975 million) but so far he has refused all offers that have been made. If you came up with a networking platform that was worth billions, would you want to sell?