Festival and holiday gadgets

It’s here! Festival season and holiday season has arrived. Today’s blog post couldn’t come at a more perfect

It’s here! Festival season and holiday season has arrived. Today’s blog post couldn’t come at a more perfect time! We give you some of the top gadgets for you to take on holiday or to a festival to help you get the most out of your experience.

Tom Tom/Sat Nav


Okay so you’re going to a festival or away for the weekend and it’s somewhere you don’t know are familiar with. What do you do? You can’t get anywhere without one of the best technological gadgets in history.

A sat nav/tom tom is so useful for getting you somewhere in once piece and without having to be fully knowledgeable about map reading – let’s be honest, map reading takes so much time and it’s not as easy as listening to a sat nav.

Master Lock Portable Safe

Having your belongings stolen when you’re away from your tent is such a disaster! But not with this portable safe as you can keep your small belongings in this device such as phones, keys and small tech gadgets.

You can secure it with a four digital code only you will and can know, and it also allows you to attach it to you with a wire cable. You can get the device on Amazon for £25.00!


Your mobile device

Sometimes if you’re going to a festival it’s best to leave your smart phone at home and get a cheap pay-as-you-go one, just incase you end up loosing it for whatever reason. But when you’re on holiday it’s a necessity. Right okay you may not have phone signal, but taking photographs is what it’s all about.

Create some memories that you can show others when you go home. There’s nothing more disappointing than not having any pictures to take to remind you of how great your time away was with your family or friends.


Portable charger

You can’t find a plug socket at a festival or whilst your out and about can you? That’s why you need a portable charger! You can charge your phone on the go without having the need to cut your trip short because you’re out of battery.

You can find many of them in tech stores and online. They so useful in these kinds of situations believe us!


Flare Audio Isolate Earplugs

It is always advised that you wear earplugs at a festival to protect yourself from hearing damage. These specific earplugs are made out of aluminium with soft foam wrapped round so that it can reduce the noise so that your ears won’t be at risk of being damaged. You’ll still be able to hear the music, it’ll just be at the point where your hearing is safe.

You can also use them if you’re a sensitive and light sleeper as it will block the sounds of the 4am birds or someone’s loud snoring!