FitBit Flex 2 – My review

It's all about monitoring your fitness these days but what FitBit is the perfect one to monitor it?

As someone who is in to fitness both in and out of the gym, I was bought a FitBit Flex 2 as a birthday present and it’s been 3 months, so it’s time to give you all my review and what I think of the gadget. Mainly pros but a couple of cons (as every product does), so check it out and see if it’s worth purchasing. 

The good thing about this is that you can wear it as a sports wrist band or jazz it up with different cases so it looks like a normal bracelet. It also comes in a wide range of colours, so you’re pretty much spoiled for choice.

+ Design

The design of the FitBit is really simple and it sits on your wrist quite nicely. In the packaging there are 2 wrist bands so they adjust to large and small wrists which is a pro for me as I only have a tiny wrist. The battery is easily removable from underneath so you can charge it and slots back in easily afterwards. 

You can view your step goal on your FitBit by double tapping the battery on the top which will light up the dots if how far you are on reaching your daily step goal. 

Monitoring progress

What you can measure is great and for me, it monitors exactly what I want. On my dashboard I have my sleep pattern, calories burned, steps walked, my current weight, minutes of active fitness and how far I’ve walked. 

I like to know how much sleep I’ve had, so the FitBit will monitor your pulse and will register when you fall asleep as your pulse rapidly slows down in to

sleep state. I like to track my current weight and you can use the app as a personal food diary (great for those who want to calorie count).

You have the ability to customize the dashboard how you want so you have the information there and then for you each day. 

+ It's waterproof!

 As a swimmer, I love the fact that it’s waterproof. I haven’t actually tried it out in the pool because I get a little worried I’ll break it (even though it does say on the packaging waterproof). 

I have worn it in the shower however I’m not so quick in the shower and it still works perfectly fine! You just have to try the actual monitor once you get out just in case. 

- Battery Life

Here come the cons! Don’t worry this won’t take long. The battery life of the FitBit isn’t the best as it does need charging every day or two, which doesn’t really bother me as I can just pop it on charge whilst I’m resting.

I am mindful that some products can’t always have the best battery. It doesn’t interfere or affect me monitoring everything as I can still use it when I need to. 

- Takes ages to sync

One thing that gets to me is the amount of time I have to wait to see my data on the app. You open the app, switch your Bluetooth on and you could be waiting maybe five minutes, maybe more even if you do it every day. 

I get that there’s a lot of data, but surely there’s a way to cut down the loading time? Either way it’s not a major con.

My Summary

Altogether I would 100% recommend it to anyone who would like to purchase one. They can usually be bought for around £40 – 60 depending on where you get it from, but I would only recommend a FitBit if you really want to monitor your fitness and lifestyle patterns.

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