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Following my recent holiday, I thought it would be time to get back into trim. Being the geek

Following my recent holiday, I thought it would be time to get back into trim.

Being the geek that I am, I thought I’d see what cool stuff is available to make exercising a little less boring.

The following are some fitness gadgets that I think are either very good, have previously used, or that have been recommended to me.

Runtastic Pro – £2.99

Runtastic ProRuntastic Pro is an iPhone app that tracks your training activity via GPS.  I have used this app for a number of years for running and found it to be accurate in tracking your routes. I have also used it abroad in Europe on my last holiday and was pleased with its performance.
The app has a number of great features, including calories burnt, run time/mph, posting to social media, history, and also links to your music on your iPhone. You can get an account online to sync and backup your training activities.

Runtastic is a very popular app and they also sell accessories like heart rate monitors.


Garmin Forerunner 110 HR – From £87

Garmin Forerunner 110 HR A couple of my friends have used Garmin products for a number of years and have always recommended them. The 110HR is a GPS enable watch with built in heart rate monitor.

The idea is pretty simple, put the watch and heart rate monitor on, press start and jog on.

The watch records where you have been, your heart rate at that moment in time and calories burnt.

Once you have finished the run, the watch can be connected to your computer and the data uploaded to Garmin’s own connect website, from there the data can be shared to whoever you wish to see it.

The build quality is as you would expect from a top manufacturer and with prices as low as £87 you can really analyse your training regime and work out where to get the gains.


Google My Tracks App – Free

Google My Tracks AppIf the dedicated Garmin forerunner is a bit overkill and you have an Android phone, then this app from Google offers similar functionality and is free.

The app is installed to your GPS capable android smartphone and when activated will record where you go. In addition to where you go, the app also records altitude. The app will allow to make notes against your journey for later information and can even give voice announcements about your performance.

The routes can be saved in all modern formats and can be shared with others using goggle maps.

If you already have a supported heart rate monitor, your heart rate can be recorded in the same way as the forerunner.

The only issue I found is that the handset needs to have a clear view of the sky to get a consistent GPS lock, other than that it is pretty good, and free too.


CamelBak HydroPak From £25

CamelBak HydroPakCamelBak products first became available in the 90’s and were pretty much the preserve of cyclists with a limited product range.

A CamelBak is essentially a rucksack with a water bladder inside; the water can be drunk via a mouthpiece attached to a hose which is slug over your shoulder.

CamelBak now offer a very wide range of products to suit any type of outdoor pursuit, the rucksacks have activity specific features to best suit what you are doing.

CamelBaks come with bladders sized 1.5L to 3.1L to ensure you keep hydrated while exorcizing.


HAPIFork – £60

HAPIFork On a lighter note, the HAPIfork is an electronic fork that monitors your eating habits. The HAPIfork gives you precise information about your eating schedule and alerts you with indicator lights when you are eating too fast.

This information is then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to your Online Dashboard to track your progress.

The HAPIfork also comes with the HAPILABS app plus a coaching program to help you eat better and change your eating behavior.

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