What is the difference between free and paid malware protection?

Malware protection is essential for you to have in business. You can get both free and paid but

They often say the best things in life come free. With protection in malware this isn’t always the case as you will soon find out. If you’re someone that is on a very tight budget then free malware protection could be an option. However, if you have a lot of customer and client data that could do some severe damage to your business then it’s time to rethink your approach to Cyber Security. 

Free malware protection

Using free software to as a defense mechanism is good to see how something performs to help decide if it meets your requirements but using is on a permanent basis isn’t the best idea. As IT Support professionals we would strongly advise you use a reputable and paid software. If you haven’t seen in the news over the past couple of years, large and well known businesses have experienced cyber


attacks and received fines of up to six figures. This is the last thing you would to happen financially to your business. 

Free software only has the simple and basic features to defend against malware and will not cover everything like paid software does. You may think it’s cost effective for your business but is it really? Rather than paying a small fee per month to avoid a six figure fine, you’re paying nothing that can increase your chances of getting a six figure fine.

Just remember, free malware defender software is only useful for a short period of time to help you decide on whether you’re satisfied with it or not. 

Paid malware protection

When you pay for a package you expect the full thing to cover exactly what you need. Some providers offer a few packages for you to chose from for different fees; which means they can accommodate to different business sizes and budgets. The package that costs the most will cover most elements and may have extra features than what others have. 


Paying a monthly/annual fee for the sake of protecting your business from financial and reputable damage is worth it. When someone doesn’t fully understand what the point is in Cyber Security, once they read the news about other organisations that have suffered the consequences the reality kicks in. 

The solution to protection

We have seen businesses that have been hit by cyber attacks and it isn’t something we like to see. It causes stress and panic for them which wouldn’t happen if they were protected by professional malware protection. 

Cyber attacks are set to continue to increase and with GDPR coming in to full effect a few months ago, the consequences are even more deadly by an increase in fines. We can offer professional consultancy and advice on what you can do to protect your business more; we can make recommendations on malware protection software too which saves you spending hours of research in to them. 

If you’re concerned please get in touch with us and we can start the quick process of protecting you from a cyber attack. 



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