the first of its kind

the first of its kind

The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch has at last been unveiled, setting the bar for others to follow and beaten Apple to launch a smart watch.

The key features and points are:

Galaxy Gear Smart Swatch

  • Runs Android
  • 1.6 inch touch screen
  • 25 hours battery life on a single charge
  • Has a speaker and microphone so can be used as a phone
  • Has a 1.9 Megapixel camera and video recording
  • Syncs with smart phones but designed for Samsung products
  • Comes in 6 colours.


The main thing that struck me was that it didn’t have the curved screen. I was looking forward to see that new patented, revolutionary technology, so I was a little disapointed with its look.

However, putting that aside, this is something that is going to set the bar for others to follow.

The watch does look feature rich, and is primarily designed as a companion for the Note 3, a shrewd move that Android and Samsung followers will be pleased about. But it does sync with other smart phones.

The sync to your smart phone allows you to make voice calls and get notifications, like email. The process to answer calls is designed so it can be used like a regular phone, you lift the watch to your ear and it answers!

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Screen

The Apps

There are a number of Android apps pre-installed on the watch, including eBay, Glympse (location services), and fitness apps.

These will increase when developers get on board and there will be a big market for apps.

Release Date and Price?

The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch will be available from 25 September in the US and cost approximatley $299.

Unfortunatley there has been no notification of UK pricing or release dates.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Launch


The Competition

As per my previous blog about Smart Watches, there is not much compeition yet.

No other watch has the ability to take calls, not even the Pebble. Therefore it is now up to Apple to come up with something, unless Microsoft’s aquisition of the the Nokia handset manufacturing division changes their plans.


This looks an excellent piece of kit, the latest must have gadget.

My main concern is that “it just a fad?”¬†Will the market take this up?

I think the technology will get better but only if consumers buy these new smart watches so the manufacturers invest more money and time.

However I will be seriously considering buying one when they are released in the UK.