Top Google Chrome extensions for you to install

There are thousands of extensions on Google Chrome which can help you with lots of things. Here are

There are thousands of extensions on Google Chrome which can help you with lots of things. Here are some of the top extensions that you need to download!

Colourpick Eyedropper colour-pick-icon

If you’re designing a leaflet, flyer, anything to do with your business, it makes sense to keep the colour layout the same colour as your business’ logo just so that it gives you that recognition. It can be hard trying to analyzing what colour your logo is specifically, unless you already know when it was designed.

That’s where this extension can help you massively. All you need to do once you have installed it is hover over the colour you want to find out and it will give you the exact colour so everything will be streamlined in your business.



Constantly forgetting your password? The LastPass will solve all your problems. Download the extension and every time you log in somewhere, it will ask if you want to save your login details to LastPass.

You can also input on the extension what login details you want it to remember and each time you go to that login page, the boxes will be populated with your information so you can just login straight away.



This extension is ideal for students for their assignments, but who knows what other uses it may have to you.

It captures what you do on your PC and saves it as a video. If you want to create physical evidence if you’re doing a particular task for work or to publish online, it’s a great tool for you to use.


Hover Zoom hover-zoom-icon

Sometimes when you’re browsing images you don’t always want to click on the image and then go back to the searches that takes you back to the top of the page. With Hover Zoom, it’s pretty self explanatory as you just need to hover over the image and it will give you a zoomed in view so you can get a good look before you click or scroll.


Panic button 

This does what you need it to do when you’re hiding what you’re buying for someone’s birthday. You instantly panic and before you know it you’ve been rustled and forced to confess what you’re doing.

The panic button allows you to quickly click and hide your browser instantly so that nobody will ever know what you’re doing.