Google to offer depression quiz

Mental health is common cause for concern this century, but would it be right for Google to start

Mental health is common cause for concern this century, but would it be right for Google to start online quizzes to help users detect whether they are depressed or not? It is shown that people are searching for phrases such as ‘Do I have depression?’ and ‘Am I depressed?’. So in order to tackle this sort of thing, Google have come up with the idea of a quiz to help them detect and act on their mental health.

What is the quiz?

The quiz is called PHQ-9 which has been used by the NHS. It will feature nine questions that will ask if they have trouble concentrating or having little pleasure in doing things etc. At the moment the tool is only available in the US but users will expect them to bring the tool in to the UK.

How it will help

Back in the day mental health wasn’t exactly a major problem and it wasn’t considered serious. It was only discussed here and there, but now it’s always a main topic of discussion as more and more individuals are having either major or minor mental health issues and it is an increasing cause for concern.

Particularly in the younger generation, it is getting to the point where individuals struggle that badly with their mental health it results in suicide. This is why Google have decided to act on what people search in relation to their mental health in order to get treatment before it is too late. There are many online quizzes that you can do such as one on the NHS, but Google want to assist and help reduce the risk of it being too late.

Facebook help

Online bullying is becoming more of a concern mainly on social networking sites. Most of the younger generation are on Fcaebook so it gives much more opportunity to target these sort of people. It even happens in adults not just the younger ones. Facebook are developing tools to see who may be suffering from mental health issues so they can offer users a way of speaking to someone about the way they are feeling through artificial intelligence.


If you or anyone you know need that extra support and help, you can contact SupportLine on 01708 765200.