Google Glass makes a return

A few years ago, the Google Glass was cancelled due to the lack of sales that it made,

A few years ago, the Google Glass was cancelled due to the lack of sales that it made, classing it as a failed product. It is now set to make a major comeback with an improved battery life and a more comfortable experience in wearing the technology.


Why did the Google Glass fail the first time?

There were many reasons as to why the product had failed, but here are a few for you to know:

Health and Safety – before the product was even launched, consumers were concerned about the radiation that the product emitted. The question was, is it safe to have such a product so close to the head that can cause health problem? Yes, mobile devices do the same thing but they aren’t in constant contact with the skin all the time whereas Google Glass would.

Unappealing design – idea and concept of Google Glass sounded amazing and absolutely perfect, but when the product was shown physically to the public it turned a lot of heads the other way. They didn’t like the design at all and they actually thought it was still in its prototype stage.

Little progress – usually once a product is released, that means more developments are made the advance the product (like Apple with their iPhones), but for Google Glass it was not the case. The product had no extra development and only had one model that was released as a whole. Once the product had been outgrown the sales started to drop, eventually to it being cancelled and taken off the market.

What improvements are there?

After reassessing what they need to do in order to make sure that the product takes away these sort of worries, they have come up with these improvements:

  • A more powerful processor
  • An 8 mega pixel camera
  • Increased battery life
  • More robust Wi-Fi

Google originally sold the product at £1,000, but now they are planning to sell it through specialized software companies.

Would you buy this product?